Tattoo Choker

The name "choker" comes from the English word "choker", which in translation means "suffocating". This is absolutely not surprising, since the tattoo-choker tightly encircles the neck. It is because of this that it is called "tattoo-choker", because due to the tight fit to the skin, from afar this ornament resembles a twisted and elegant tattoo and only close to see that it is actually just an accessory. In general, such a decoration as a tattoo-choker has become popular for quite some time, but to this day it has not lost its relevance among young people. Therefore, replenishing such an arsenal of your jewelry, you will remain satisfied, because the variety of original accessories in the casket is always pleasant for any representative of the fair sex.

What is a tattoo-choker made of?

Tattoo Choker is the accessory that you can buy at the store and weave it yourself. At the same time it can be made of quite a variety of materials. If we talk about, so to speak, the classic version of the choker, then he trains out of the color line. Also a good option will be a special ornamental wire. Both fishing line and wire can be bought in shops with accessories, as well as in art shops. In addition, some craftsmen weave chokers out of what comes to hand. For example, you can make it from wiring from broken headphones. In general, the main thing is fantasy and skill, and materials for work will always be found.

Tattoo Choker

Despite the fact that the tattoo choker's pattern looks rather complicated, it is simply incredibly easy to beat, so that its creation does not require any special skills, only a desire.

You will need two pieces of fishing line (wire) for its creation. Their length depends on what kind of choker you decide to weave: a bracelet, a ring or an ornament around your neck. Then tie both wires together at the beginning and fasten them on the table. Then start the weaving. Take the right lace, lay it under the left, and then shove its end under its base. Pull up. Then do the same with the other, left lace.

Types of tattoo chokers

Initially, the tattoo-choker was a decoration around the neck, but now there are also such bracelets , and even rings. And while it's worth noting, the choker looks great everywhere, very stylish, albeit minimalistic . So, if you do not want to wear such an accessory on your neck, then you can pick up a choker for yourself or even choose a small ring.

This decoration in general is perfect for those girls who like stylish accessories, which at the same time would not be bulky or too bright. In addition, the choker will be an excellent addition to the everyday image, which sometimes you do not want to "complicate" with decorations. But, incidentally, with the dress the choker will look no worse. For example, if you are going to a party in a shiny dress, which is already an ornament in itself, then the choker will perfectly fit into this image, adding to it the missing "raisin". So the tattoo-choker is, undoubtedly, a very versatile accessory, just for any occasion of life.

In addition to the usual tattoo chokers there are also double, which for some reason are not so popular, although they are very interesting. They consist of two "strips" of chokers, woven together, due to which the double choker, of course, is wider. This variant of decoration looks great on the neck or as a bracelet. Although more often still there are classic thin chokers. Probably, they are easier to weave, and wear more conveniently.

And below in the gallery you can see photos of chokers. Perhaps this is exactly the decoration that was missing in your casket, and you did not know?