Taytsy - what is taitsy in clothes and how are they different from leggings?

Lovers of active recreation and sports often acquire for themselves taitsy. Nevertheless, most of the fair sex do not even understand what this original word sounds like, which came to us from the English language. Let's understand.

What is taitsy in clothes?

At its core, taitsy are sports leggings. The name of this subject of the women's wardrobe is translated from English as tights, however, unlike the last, the tits are not worn on the foot. Their main purpose of these products found in sports. Modern models are made in such a way as to provide athletes with maximum comfort during classes.

Panties of this kind are different. So, warmed tights for running perfectly support the athlete's muscles, remove moisture from her lower extremities and keep the heat for a long time. Qualitative models provide an excellent air circulation, thanks to which the body breathes, and the athlete does not experience any discomfort during classes.

If the warmed tights are meant for running on the street, then in the hall the usual light models are used. They can be worn not only for running, but also for practicing yoga, pilates , aerobics and many other sports. In addition, in such products, cyclists often move, so you can often hear how they are called "bicycles."

How to choose taitsy?

Different types of titles have different characteristics. In order not to make a mistake with a choice, it is necessary to understand for what type of activity you want to buy this thing, how often you will use it, and in what conditions will the classes take place. So, if you plan to run on the street, and do it even in the cold season, choose winter tights that perfectly warm and securely retain heat, without causing increased sweating .

In summer, on the contrary, it is better to give preference to lightweight short models. They will be comfortable even in the hottest weather, as they perfectly pass the air and allow the skin to breathe. For those who like to ride a bicycle, they can use tights with reinforced gusset - unlike other models, they will last longer for their wearer and will help reduce the discomfort that occurs during the ride.

In addition, when choosing a model in all cases, you should consult a trainer or an experienced salesman for the sale of such equipment. For today in shops of sportswear the huge quantity of the models differing on quality and the price is presented. Experienced athletes need to understand that too cheap products can not meet all their needs, so to purchase this thing you have to fork out. Beginners, on the contrary, should not spend a lot of money, they simply do not need an expensive model.

What is the difference between taitsy and leggings?

Externally, classic tattoo models are no different from ordinary leggings. Meanwhile, this sports equipment has some properties inherent only to it. So, taitsy and leggings - what is the difference between these products, and why are the latter much worse than the first ones suitable for playing sports? In fact, "sports tights" are made of more dense material and are intended to provide the following processes:

Why do we need taitsy?

Sports leggings are actively used by both professional athletes and young ladies who follow their figure. They are needed to provide maximum comfort during classes, but, in addition, perform many more useful functions. So, female compression titles are optional:

Taytsy for running

One of the most popular models for athletes are running titles. They have a wide elastic waistband, which stabilizes the spine and confidently supports the lower back. In addition, due to their features, these products increase the speed with which the athlete moves, which greatly increases the effectiveness of training.

Especially, both summer and winter tights for running affect the buttock zone. They support the protrusions, making them elastic and seductive, have a soft pressing effect, increasing muscle tone, and even "make" a kind of massage that increases blood flow. All this contributes to the fact that athletes in a short time get an incredibly beautiful figure, firm and tight buttocks and a slim sexy silhouette.

Fitness titles

Compression tights for fitness are made either generally without seams, or with comfortable flat seams, eliminating the possibility of rubbing. They stretch perfectly, do not hamper the movement, which is very important during active training, provide excellent air circulation and maximum comfort. Thanks to the compression effect, such products effectively burn fat deposits, contributing to rapid weight loss and in the shortest possible time bring the figure in order.

Taytsy for yoga

Yoga is one of those activities that do not tolerate discomfort at all. To feel and understand the meaning of this practice, you need maximum concentration, which can not be achieved if there is even the slightest inconvenience. To avoid this, experts recommend practicing in professional specialized equipment, which today can be purchased in many stores.

Typically, a training suit includes women's yoga titles, providing absolute freedom of movement and providing strong support to the muscles. In the folding areas, such models have special folds, which increase the service life and wear resistance of leggings. In such panties it's incredibly easy to do - they seem to help take different postures, minimize pain and significantly accelerate the recovery process after training .

Women's titles

Titles for men and women are produced by most fashion brands that manufacture sportswear and footwear. Among a wide range of such products, each girl can choose the option that is best for her in terms of characteristics and price. So, if summer leggings for outdoor activities or in the hall can be chosen from different manufacturers, then it is better to buy taits for running in the winter from reliable brands that use high-quality insulation in their work.

Titles Nike

Women's titles Nike are made of soft elastic materials. Typically, front and back in the hip area, they have special inserts that protect these areas from wind and rain. The lower part of the trousers in the shin area is often treated with water-repellent impregnation, thanks to which it is possible to engage in such panties absolutely in any weather. In addition, almost all brand models are additionally equipped with comfortable zippers at the bottom of the pants, with which they can be very easily removed and put on.

Reebok titles

In the collection of the brand Reebok simply an incredible number of different models of sports leggings. Here, every fashionista will find a variant for her - women's titles Reebok are made both in traditional color shades, and in a bright stylistic design with prints, contrast combinations and so on. Thanks to a wide elastic waistband and the highest possible degree of fit, these products provide excellent support for muscles and promote effective training.

Taytsy Adidas

Excellent Adidas taitsy can be used both in the warm and the cold season. For their production high-quality heaters, breathable materials and special technologies are used, which allow minimizing friction and almost completely avoiding skin irritation. In addition, on some models of this brand, intended for outdoor activities, there are reflective elements that significantly improve the safety of athletes in the dark.

How to wear taitsy?

During training, tights must be worn over cowards. Meanwhile, it should be understood that ordinary cotton underwear in this case will not work, because with active movements it will get wet and can not dry out throughout the entire workout. In addition, this intimate thing will be clearly seen through the thin and elastic surface of the leggings.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use special breathable panties for athletes - they do not cause discomfort and provide maximum comfort for several hours. In addition, there are special shorts with shorts that do not require wearing underwear . The internal insert in such models fully fulfills all its functions, therefore without this detail during training it is possible to do.