The floating stretch ceiling

Soaring ceilings are a modern, fashionable, functional, innovative solution in interior design, a novelty that quickly became popular.

Floating ceiling, being one of the types of stretch ceiling , is a design that, when mounted, LED strips are placed throughout the contour of the ceiling cloth. At the same time, the ceiling looks, as if separated from the walls, the room is filled with muffled, diffused light, this gives any room a sense of sophistication and coziness.

The gap on the ceiling remains invisible until the backlight penetrates, with its inclusion, the light creates a unique visual effect of the "floating ceiling". The configurations of stretched soaring ceilings can be different, have bends, be multilevel, they also have a variety of texture, these qualities allow them to be used in rooms with curved walls, while the room looks original and attractive.

Care of floating suspended ceilings is not complicated, the PVC film used for their creation has antistatic properties, so dust is not collected on it. Cleaning of the surface of such ceilings is in ordinary wet cleaning.

Ceiling lighting

To create a floating suspended ceiling with illumination , it is necessary to use a profile with space for the placement of LED elements, a voltage regulator, and, to reduce the brightness of the lighting of the fastening system, semi-transparent plugs covering the LEDs.

Without the installed plugs, after turning on the lighting system, all the elements of the frame and the fastening system will be visible, which, of course, breaks the whole aesthetic appeal of the structure. For the same purpose, it is better to purchase an opaque cloth for stretched soaring ceilings.

Light-emitting diodes, small in size, are not able to get very hot, therefore for stretch-hovering ceilings, baguettes having a specific, specific shape that allows them to place backlight elements under them are used. The presence of a baguette contributes to an easy replacement of a failed LED tape, since it does not require the dismantling of the entire canvas.

To change the intensity of lighting, you can install a control unit that can control the backlight, it can also turn on and off the LED strip, this is the easiest way to control lighting. Reduced to a minimum brightness, you can use the backlight as a night lamp, for example, in the children's room or in the bedroom.

A more complex system provides the possibility of changing the color gamut of light, up to the possibility of creating color music and controlling the system using a remote control.

In addition to LED tapes, it is possible to install additional in-ceiling decorative lighting devices on the ceiling, which can be switched on simultaneously with LEDs and independently.

The scheme of the lighting system is not simple enough, therefore it is better to install the lighting system to a professional electrician.

Tension ceilings of the soaring sky have an additional special effect, have gentle and warm colors and are often used for decoration in the children's room. A fabulous, starry sky above the child's head, as if inviting him to go to bed and quickly fall asleep.

This design is also appropriate in other rooms, as it makes any interior original and romantic, conducive to an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation.