Finishing the house from the timber - the best ideas for interior and exterior decoration

Modern and unique design of the building will be made by finishing the house from the timber, with its help you can make your home not only unique, but also improve the technical parameters of the building. Using different materials for the facade and inside the house, it is easy to implement original and diverse ideas.

Exterior finish of the house from the timber

To ensure a comfortable stay, the exterior of the house made of timber is made, including the warming of the walls and equipping them with decorative materials. Such an external finish will allow to meet the regulatory requirements for the thickness of the paved walls, which are not less than 40 cm. There are several options for exterior finishing of houses from the timber:

  1. Installation of a hinged facade with the use of modern decorative panels, various types of siding, block house, lining.
  2. Plaster works, using different solutions.
  3. Construction of brickwork.

External furnish of the house from a bar thermopanels

When building a house out of a bar, taking care of its preservation and avoiding the permanent processing of wood with the help of protective means, it must be provided with external protection. Finishing the house out of the timber on the outside with the use of thermo panels is a high-tech option that can improve the performance and radically change the appearance of the building.

Using this material, you can avoid additional insulation of the house. Having a multi-layered, porous structure, it reliably protects the walls from negative external influences. The structure of the panels provides protection from high humidity, frost, they have a vapor barrier and windproof properties. Thermal panels can replace brick or stone masonry.

Finishing the corners of the house from the timber

External work on the insulation of the house does not require space saving, so the facades of the houses are trimmed from the beam using a billet, this contributes to good ventilation capabilities. The design of the corners of the house can be made of the same material that is used for walls, but a greater decorative effect will be achieved if other materials are chosen. Working with corners is complex and time-consuming, especially if a combination of different types of finishes is used. Performing facade facing works, follow the following rules:

  1. A wooden surface is prepared, it is previously cleaned of dirt and dust, prokonopachivaetsya throughout the plane and processed impregnating antiseptics.
  2. Mounting cladding works start from the bottom, at the base, rising upwards, to the roof of the building.
  3. For a solid and beautiful finish of the corners of the facade, special systems, corner metal bars or blocks consisting of decorative materials, moldings, rusts (rectangular-shaped corner pieces) are used.

Interior finishing of a wooden house from a bar

When approaching the interior decoration of the house from the timber, pay attention to some features:

  1. In the house of the beam, during 4-6 years after construction, shrinkage processes (related to the drying of the wood) can occur, which will lead to deformation of the walls.
  2. Due to the long time of shrinkage, it is best to avoid using rigid structures until the process is complete.
  3. The first few years for the design of interior decoration, a practical solution will be the use of paint and varnish materials.

Interior decoration of a house from a tree often does not differ from a usual city apartment. Very often, choosing the design of the interior finishing of the house from the timber, many people stop at the consonant materials, the use of which resembles the appearance of Russian huts, it can be:

Finishing the house from the lumber inside the lining

Making out the inside of the house from the timber, finishing with the lining of the living space is one of the successful technical and design solutions, due to the similar decorative and performance qualities of the materials. For interior plating of premises in the house a board of the highest (or first) grade is used. Before the beginning of the work, heat and waterproofing is carried out, using a roll, briquette heater or foil.

On the prefixed frame, vertical posts of which for 2-3 cm should not reach the floor and ceiling (due to the possibility of subsidence or lifting, depending on the humidity level in the room), a lining is attached. When choosing a material, pay attention to its thickness, do not abuse it, losing the area of ​​the room. In the same way, a plastic board, imitating wood, is attached.

Brick house with brickwork

The walls inside the house of brickwork look romantic, creating some sort of old-fashioned effect, but this material has a lot of weight and creates a significant load on the foundation and load-bearing structures. Therefore, interior designers are advised to use materials that mimic the brickwork, it can be:

Finishing the walls of the timber inside the house, simulating a brick, will not cause a "greenhouse" effect, which is inherent in the brickwork of real brick, while the variety of design is striking in its diversity. Wall-mounted plastic panels are particularly strong and waterproof, which can be fastened directly to wooden walls with screws or screws, avoiding the installation of the crate.

Decorating the house with plasterboard

Often applied finishing of the house from a gypsum board is a budget option, but it allows to make a high-quality alignment and decorative design of surfaces. Installation of drywall can be done independently. The material is fastened by a frame method, fasten the sheets to the beam with special glue compositions and possibly because of the convexity of the surface.

Interior decoration of the house walls from a gypsum board requires a reinforced crate, for this purpose boards are inserted between the profiles. This will in the future attach to the walls lockers, shelves, creating an additional load. For mounting it is better to use galvanized, metal profiles, wooden are permissible, but they easily deform.

Finishing the corridor in the house of the bar

The material for finishing the corridor in a private house from the timber is chosen taking into account the dimensions of the room and its functional load. The main advantage of wooden buildings is the naturalness of the material, warm, breathable and eco-friendly, the beauty of its texture, so the rational solution will be the processing of wood with an anti-corrosion compound and coating it with varnish.

But if the rest of the finishing of the wooden house from the timber does not correspond to this design in style, then choose for any surfaces in the corridor any wear-resistant materials. In the absence of natural light in the room, it is better to use light colors in the interior of the room, and the ceiling space, to equip with a hanging two-level system with built-in lights.

Finishing the bathroom in the house from the bar

The placement of a bathroom in a wooden house should be reliably protected from moisture. In order to avoid negative consequences in the form of fungus, mold and rotting of wood create in the bathroom:

  1. Reliable waterproofing protection (especially where the bathtub, washbasin and sewer pipes are located).
  2. Effective ventilation system.
  3. Enhanced thickness of the floors below the floor surface, correctly selected level.

Finishing of the house from the log from the inside in those rooms where there is high humidity is produced using materials that are not affected by dampness. It can be: