Vertical blinds

Many years of experience in the use of vertical blinds in interior design has proven the practicality of these products and the need for their existence on the market. Relatively low price combined with a wide variety of colors and textures made them available for almost every home. They are perfectly combined with other types of curtains. Many firms accept orders for the manufacture of products for non-standard windows.

Types of vertical blinds:

Vertical fabric blinds. The model differs not only in a wide range of colorings, but also in the density of fabrics, hence the opportunity to choose a product depending on the location of rooms relative to the sides of the world. Light transmittance of lamellas can vary from 60% to 100%.

Vertical aluminum shutters. Technical characteristics of structures consists of a huge number of advantages. When discussing the shortcomings of blinds, a limited color range and sensitivity to the slightest movement of air is called, which causes a slight noise of the lamellas.

Threadlike models. Some collections are a real godsend for designers. Without connecting elements at the bottom, they often decorate doorways . The visual effect is enhanced by the combination of several colors in one product. Typically, the length of thread-like blinds is adjusted to the individual customer.

Vertical blinds made of wood. The products are very expensive and require the owners of gentle care. To extend the service life and emphasize the beauty of natural wood, they are covered with a special paint and varnish composition. Due to the high weight, the installation should be carried out using a reliable mounting. Vertical blinds made of wood are often bought in the kitchen or in another room for zoning space . On the market, bamboo samples are most often found, or made using jute.

Structures made of plastic. The positive properties of the material make the blinds in demand in places with high humidity and temperature changes. Durable and easy to care for, they are indispensable in the bathroom or sauna, especially popular in public institutions.

Multifactural vertical blinds. Thanks to the upper decorative part of plastic, the blinds impress with their beauty. With the help of straight and curved lines, the material is given all kinds of shapes. The bottom of the product is made of fabric or the same PVC.

Vertical blinds with photo printing. Models combine practicality and functionality, so the scope of their application is not limited. Vertical blinds with a pattern will be an ornament of any room, whether it is a children's room or a partition in a small apartment. With the use of computer technology, photography or drawing is done with great accuracy. Since blinds are bought for decoration, special fabrics are used to make them, differently letting in the sunlight. Limited in the choice of material is considered one of the shortcomings of the goods.

Vertical arched shutters. Fashion for arched and bay windows caused the appearance of arched shutters. They not only save us from the sun in the summer heat, but also draw attention to the non-standard construction.

There are several patterns that affect the aesthetic appearance of a room with vertical blinds. For example, for a high room with large windows suitable products with wide lamellas. In a spacious hall it is better to choose blinds that pass light well, while the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom tends more towards the semi-darkness. Devices differ in the type of control and attachment, which greatly expands the possibilities of their use.