Visa in Brunei

Traveling to Brunei is one of the most desired for many tourists. The country is characterized by extremely picturesque nature and has a very unusual location: it is divided into 2 parts by another state - Malaysia .

Many of those who are going to visit this amazing country, are asking: Do you need a visa in Brunei? Its receipt is a prerequisite for Russians and residents of the CIS countries and provides for a certain clearance procedure.

Visa in Brunei for Russians

To obtain a visa, you must provide a certain package of documents, which include:

Also the inviting party should declare about the need to send a tourist home:

The term of registration is up to one month, and the validity of the visa is 3 months. A visa is issued at the embassy, ​​and a consular fee is paid there, the size of which is $ 10.

Transit visa in Brunei

At the airport in Brunei you can get a transit visa, for this you need to provide: