Where to make ultrasound of the small pelvis?

Often, when visiting a gynecologist, a woman hears from a doctor that she needs to do ultrasound of the pelvic organs, but where you can go through a similar study - is not known to all the fair sex. Let's try to understand this issue, considering in detail: where and what kinds of ultrasound diagnostics are carried out.

How and where is the ultrasound of the pelvis performed?

First of all, it should be noted that in every female consultation there is an ultrasound diagnostic device. Therefore, having come to see a doctor who, after a gynecological examination, suspected some violation, a woman can register for a hardware examination right away in this institution.

If we talk about where else the pelvic ultrasound is done, then it must be said that such a study can be conducted in a hospital. Today every major clinic has an ultrasound machine. Therefore, a woman can choose: to be examined in a public health institution or to do it in private. It is worth noting the fact that often the girls make a choice in favor of the second, because. to pass there the examination can be much faster due to a smaller queue.

The procedure itself is very simple. A woman comes to her appointed day and time. You should bring a towel. Entering the office, the girl takes off her outer garments and is completely exposed to the waist. The study is carried out in the supine position. On the skin, the doctor applies a special contact gel, and then begins the examination by moving the sensor of the device. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes.

What must be taken into account before the passage of ultrasound?

Having dealt with where it is possible to undergo ultrasound of the small pelvis, it must be said that the study itself involves some preparation for it. Before manipulation it is better to refrain from a certain kind of food. 2-3 days before the examination, it is necessary to exclude legumes, black bread, cabbage, and sour-milk products from the diet.

Immediately before the examination, if it is carried through the stomach, it is necessary to fill the bladder, - to drink a half liter of water. When examining the organs of the small pelvis through the vagina, - the bladder, on the contrary, should be empty.