23 pictures that you most likely never saw

In life there are many things that many do not know about. Thanks to the Internet and modern digital technologies, we can learn about them without leaving home, and it's just wonderful.

In our collection you will see 25 photos that few have seen. We promise you will like these photos.

1. Gallium - metal, melting in the hands.

2. The process of tattooing in slow motion.

3. Manufacture of springs.

4. An application that allows you to do online translation from one language to another.

5. Collision of the car in 1959 and 2009.

6. Machine for manufacturing paper airplanes.

7. This is what happens when the glass is shattered.

8. The star that hit the zone of the black hole.

9. This is how the wheels of the train rotate.

10. Tonic under ultraviolet light.

11. A machine that cuts apples.

12. This is what will happen if we cry in space.

13. Crash test of the train.

14. The indescribable beauty of a frozen bladder.

15. This is what happens when 1000 paintballs are fired simultaneously.

16. Metal, created with the help of 3D-technologies.

17. Film on frosted glass.

18. When the snake venom enters the blood, a truly unusual reaction takes place.

19. Numerous pollen on the tree.

20. What happens if you drop a hammer and a feather on the Moon at the same time.

21. An application that solves for you a mathematical problem.

22. Bending of the spring in slow motion.

23. If you do not know what to please loved ones, then look at these mouth-watering chocolate cups.