33 photos of celebrities from the 90's, which is better to forget

What was in the 90's, should remain in the 90's.

1. Shura in the suit of a person without a particular place of residence. Why not?

2. Shoes with a sharp nose, on the platform, feathers, red and black ... "Arrows" are dressed in the latest fashion squeak:

3. Dracula exists! He lives in the flesh of Philip Kirkorov:

4. Will Smith, similar to the Bumblebee of Transformers:

5. Russian singer Linda looks like a girl crawling out of the TV screen in the horror "Call":

6. Lolita Milyavskaya is still thin and with Tsekalo:

7. Keanu Reeves, showing hair on his legs:

8. "Brilliant" before joining the group Anna Semenovich:

9. Ryan Gosling in the image of a chameleon:

10. Angelina Jolie breaks stereotypes: light tone + eyebrow thread + blue shadows + pink (crossed out) BERRY lips:

11. Daniel Craig with long hair is simply "irresistible":

12. Natasha. This Natasha:

13. Another little bit and Sarah Jessica Parker accidentally sits on the bottle:

14. Robert Downey, Jr., sent from the future to warn us about the end of the world:

15. A little more Robert:

16. Valera, what are you doing ?! Ah ha-ha! Stop it!

17. Andryusha, killing with a glance:

18. Kristyusha with funny afrokosichkami:

19. Eugene Osin something sniffed ...

20. It turns out that David Dukhovny threw Miley Cyrus an idea for the Wrecking ball clip:

21. Eric Bana just did not know how to choose the image for the photo shoot:

22. Unusual composition of Ivanushkek International, unusual hairdos of Ivanushkek International:

23. George Clooney in the "Canadian Tuxedo" and Connie Selleck with a baby (well, or with a big doll). Too much for one photo:

24. Dmitry Nagiyev long before the role of Fizruk:

25. "Guests from the future." They are like Robert Downey Jr.:

26. "Hands up" - the guys were going to give an interview in the room completely pasted with foil:

27. Good boy Decl:

28. "Paint" - the most bombastic guys from this collection:

29. Neil Patrick Harris - winner in the contest of hairstyles among teenagers. His mallet is beyond competition:

30. Leonardo DiCaprio could compile Neil Harris competition:

31. Jennifer Aniston as Mummy:

32. Demi Moore - American Malvina:

33. Justin Justin on almost every picture:

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And you know, it's still great that these pictures are preserved, because only thanks to them we can see that most of the stars with age just get better!