A large mating cap - the 28 most stylish models for every taste

With the help of such a piece of wardrobe as a large mating cap, you can create an incredibly stylish and attractive bow. With the right selection, she will successfully emphasize facial features and effectively complement the outer clothing. At the same time, an important point is the balance between the top and bottom.

Caps of coarse mating 2018

In the coming year, women's hats of large mating will become a very popular headdress, thanks to the fact that women of fashion choose their overweight items. The most popular styles in 2018 will be the following:

Fashionable hats of large mating

Very practical and convenient is a female cap made from thick yarn, with the right selection it emphasizes the fragility of the figure and balances the proportions. The product has such distinctive characteristics:

A large mating cap with a lapel

In numerous designer collections there is a hat made of thick yarn with a lapel. She received the well-deserved recognition of women of fashion thanks to such characteristics:

Bina's cap of thick yarn

The headdress, which is both classic and contains the latest fashion trends, is a big beanie cap. It has such distinctive features:

Large-sized voluminous hats

In 2018, a knitted cap of thick yarn is represented by numerous variations of models, among which you can list the following:

The cap of an English rubber band made of thick yarn

When creating many models with a thick-knitted hat, a pattern is applied, which has already become almost universal, is an English gum. Headdresses are characterized by such details:

A large mating cap with a pompon

Young girls have increasingly turned to such a variant as caps with large viscous, decorated with pompoms. Designers offer different ways to design:

Cap of very thick yarn

Unbelievably stylish looks a very large mating cap, while it protects against cold as much as possible. There is an opinion that such a product looks rude, but it can shade the finesse of any girl. Headgear perfectly matches with the everyday manner and overlook style. The thing is often presented in a monochromatic color, but can be supplemented by small areas in bright colors, for example, a lapel or some decorative element.

Caps of "marshmallow" large mating

A real fashion trend will be a knitted cap knitted with a large viscous, called "marshmallow". This is due to the fact that the shape of the headdress is somewhat like a sweet dessert. You can designate such distinctive features:

A large-knitted hat - with what to wear?

With the help of such a piece of wardrobe as a winter cap of large mating, you can create incredibly effective bows. Although it may seem that because of the voluminousness of such a hat can not be combined with any outer clothing, this is not true. The product is universal and harmoniously combined with such things:

  1. Fur coats with both short and long nap. The cap of a large mating effectively shades the luxury of a fur coat and will act as a stylish accent. Especially organically it looks in combination with a thing from the llama fur.
  2. The headpiece can be worn even with a coat of classic cut. However, it is important to observe a certain nuance, which consists in the fact that the product must be concise, bound by a simple pattern and do not contain decorative elements.
  3. You can fully manifest the flight of fantasy if you use a combination with a down jacket. Under it fit hats of almost any style and containing a variety of design options.

Hat and scarf

Make an image as harmonious as possible if you complement the headpiece with a scarf made in the same style. In this case, the following combinations are allowed: