Amber Hurd and Ilona Mask caught for kisses and hugs

Amber Hurd and Ilon Mask, who supposedly broke up four months ago, continue to intrigue the public. The other day, the former wife of Johnny Depp and the billionaire again went on a date.

What's happening?

In August, Amber Hurd and Ilon Mask, who became a couple after the painful divorce of the actress with Johnny Depp, reported the end of their romance due to a mismatch of charts and deeply personal reasons.

Amber Hurd and billionaire Ilon Mask confirmed their novel with this photo in April

Each of them in his own way experienced a gap ... Mask, whose fortune exceeded $ 12.5 billion, opened up in an interview and admitted that he does not know whether he will fall in love again. As for Hurd, she, out of habit, twisted a short affair with another suitor.

In November, a Hollywood actress and successful entrepreneur was noticed at breakfast in a restaurant in Los Angeles. The ex-lovers behaved innocently, examining the magazine with Amber on the cover, but their meeting testified that they continue to communicate.

Amber Hurd with Ilon Mask in November

Second chance

Last Thursday, Hurd and Mask again gave a strong excuse for gossip. The paparazzi saw the actress and the head of Tesla near the Home State restaurant in Los Felice, where they dined.

Amber Hurd and Ilon Mask in Los Feliz

At parting, the former lovers who, judging by their satisfied faces, were in excellent spirits, having enjoyed the meeting, embraced and kissed.

Noticing the surveillance, Amber and Ilon hurried to part, leaving each in his car in different directions.

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