Basal volume of hair

The volume at the roots of hair is the dream of any fair sex. The volumetric hairdress looks much more effective and attractive. Unfortunately, not every girl can boast of natural hair volume. But this is not an excuse to get upset. Specialists invented a lot of tools to increase the volume of hair. In addition, there are a huge number of different tricks that can easily raise curls at the roots at home.

How to make a radical volume on short and long hair?

Each girl has her own secrets of laying, helping to make hair at the roots of three-dimensional. Indeed, proper head washing and quality well-chosen styling are able to disguise any shortcomings of hair. The main disadvantage of these procedures is that they take up too much time. Although, getting skilled, you can easily make packing more than a quarter of an hour.

Since it is difficult to make a radical volume of hair with bare hands, you will need special equipment. It is most convenient to lift the curls on the roots with a round brush. The larger the diameter, the higher the hair will rise. It is best to choose a brush with natural bristles - it is the most loyal to hair. A good alternative to natural bristles is combined. If you use a round brush is difficult, you can use a flat comb. With its help, it's easy to make a neat voluminous overcoat. And, of course, to achieve the desired result without a hair dryer will be difficult.

Very effective means for radical hair volume increase are considered:

  1. The Matrix Amplify Wonder BoostRoot Lifter is well known. This is a professional tool, the effect of which can not be noticed. Spray Matrix is ​​not cheap, but the result of applying it, no doubt, justifies all costs. Gel Matrix acts gently. It does not weigh heavier hair and protects them from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  2. Professionals recommend the means of CHI brand Magnified Volume .
  3. Damaged hair of a constant radical volume will give shampoo Egomania .
  4. The Londa Professional Volume Spray Mousse is considered affordable and effective.
  5. Well-proven means to give volume brand L'Oreal Professional .

All this - the means by which to get a radical hair volume at home can be done in just a few minutes. Of course, the effect of their use does not last as long as one would like, and after the next washing of the head the stitching must be repeated. But there are also methods that help achieve lasting effect.

The procedure is boost for long-term radical hair volume

Technique boost is a real breakthrough. This is one of the species of the radical wave, effectively increasing the volume of hair for a long period of time. Takes a procedure for at least a couple of hours, but the idea that after this radical volume will persist on the hair for six months, should be soothing and relaxing.

And from the descriptions, and from the presentation of radical chemistry for the volume of hair, video is clear that the masters process only strong and healthy hair roots. In fact, boost is an easy biowave . It is carried out due to a special active component - cysteamine. The latter does not harm the hair at all. In addition to cysteamine, the chemical composition for the boost ap procedure includes an extract of propolis, which prevents the formation of irritations on the scalp.