Hair removal for ever - 4 modern ways to get rid of excess vegetation on the body

Smooth, silky skin is the dream of many women. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity used any means to get rid of unwanted hair, but most of the methods had a short effect. Nowadays, thanks to innovative technologies in the field of cosmetology, hair removal can be done forever.

Can I get rid of unwanted hair forever?

When asked whether it is possible to remove hair permanently, most of the manufacturers of epilators answer that yes. They specify that it will not be possible to get rid of the hair from the first time, because active follicles will be killed. After 3-5 weeks, hair from the follicles will begin to grow, which were asleep at that time. To completely get rid of all the hair, no less than 4 procedures are required.

Cosmetologists know that the complete absence of hair remains only 5 years with laser and photoepilation and 8 years with electroepilation. During this time, the body restores the lost follicles, and the hair appears again. To resume the effect, you will need to go through the entire epilation cycle once again. In addition, it is often recommended to take a supporting course every six months.

How to remove hair permanently?

There are different ways of hair removal forever, differing in cost, efficiency, the number of procedures, the duration of the effect. The most common are such types of epilation:

Laser Hair Removal

Removing hair with a laser is no longer a novelty. This method, as a means of removing unnecessary hair forever, appeared one of the first. Its essence lies in the heating up of the hair melanin, which leads to the coagulation of blood in the hair follicle. There are 4 types of laser devices that differ in wavelength. Epilation with a diode laser and alexandrite is designed to remove hair from the swarthy skin. Ruby laser helps to get rid of vegetation on light skin. The neodymium device removes light hairs from the swarthy skin.

The laser epilator has a cooling element, but the procedure still feels pain and burning. To reduce these sensations, the skin is applied painkillers. Apart from the main effect, laser hair removal has a pleasant side effect: the skin after the procedure becomes soft and velvety. The disadvantage of the procedure is its duration. For example, hair removal on the face takes 20 minutes, hair removal in intimate places - 2 hours. For the treatment of the back and legs, it is better to use another method of epilation

Epilation with light

Another way to get rid of hair for a long time is photoepilation . With the help of the photo-epilator it is possible to raise the temperature of the hair follicle to 80 degrees, which leads to its death. Light beams cope well with thick dark hair and can be ineffective with light thin hair. Before the procedure, a cooling cream is applied to the skin, so the maximum that can be felt when light is treated is a slight tingling sensation.

The procedure for hair removal by the costly is expensive, so the question arises in women whether photo-epilation can be performed at home. If you buy a photoepilator and have enough patience, you can get rid of the hair yourself. The downside of the home appliance is its weak power, which greatly increases the time of hair treatment. In addition, professional devices are adapted to handle different areas of the skin, and amateur can be designed for specific areas.

Elos hair removal

In this form of hair removal, radio waves and high-intensity pulsating light are involved. Combined in one device, these two forces increase the effectiveness of each other. Hair removal occurs by the penetration of waves into the hair follicle and its destruction. Elos-hair removal allows to struggle with hair on any site of an integument. To reduce the discomfort during the procedure, it includes a cooling system.

The advantage of this type of hair removal is high efficiency and absence of traces on the skin. Therefore, among all methods for hair removal, this method is considered the safest and suitable for people with sensitive skin. Elos-epilation is effective in the problem of ingrown hair and folliculitis. To get rid of the hair permanently, the skin area should be exposed to the Elos-epilator several times.


Electrolysis is the destruction of the hair by the influence of an electric current on it. It is considered the best kind of epilation and has the longest effect. This effect can be obtained through the work on each hair. For the same reason, the procedure takes a long time. This kind of getting rid of hair has three options:

  1. Thermolysis - a miniature needle with an electrode is injected into a bulb and a current is applied that heats and destroys the follicle. With the help of thermolysis, a large amount of hair can be removed simultaneously.
  2. Electrolysis - the needle-electrode introduced into the follicle forms an alkali that kills the bulb.
  3. Combined method - the combination of electrolysis and thermolysis is aimed at the destruction of deeply growing and thick hair.

How to remove hair permanently at home?

Removing hair permanently at home, as we said above, is a myth. Even with the help of salon procedures you can get rid of hair for a period of 5-8 years. At home, this period is even shorter. For home use, the following methods are available:

  1. Physical methods. These include: tweezers, shugaring, wax.
  2. Mechanical methods include a razor and simple home epilators.
  3. Chemical methods: creams-epilators, folk remedies.

Home Hair Removal Equipment

It should be noted right away that all professional epilators are dozens of times better than amateur ones. To work in the salons, the devices are equipped with powerful engines and empower them with different functions and capabilities. Home hair removal machine must meet the safety requirements, so it will have a low power, which at times reduces the speed and efficiency of hair removal. The cost of a home appliance will be approximately equal to the cost of 2-3 salon procedures.

Removing hair permanently folk remedies

Any folk remedy for hair removal helps to get rid of unwanted growth only for a while. The most popular traditional medicine for this purpose are:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide and a means for shaving are mixed with 1 tbsp. and add 10 drops of ammonia. Once a week, the mixture is lubricated with a patch of skin with unnecessary hair and left for 15 minutes.
  2. Iodine with ammonia. 35 drops of any alcohol take 5 drops of ammonia and castor oil and 1.5 drops of iodine. The mixture is applied to the skin twice a day until the hair itself falls out.
  3. Formic Oils . Pure oil or a mixture of lemon juice, taken in equal parts with oil, applied to the skin for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  4. Green shell of walnut. She rubs her skin several times a day before hair loss.