Neurodermatitis - symptoms and treatment

Neurodermatitis is classified as a group of neuro-allergic pathologies. The disease is known and under other names - diathesis, eczema, as well as atopic dermatitis. Approximately 40% of the population have symptoms of this pathology. Let us consider them in more detail.

Clinical picture of neurodermatitis

The most common causes of pathology are disorders of the nervous system and the normal course of metabolic processes. Among provokers, diseases and external factors. But regardless of the causes, the symptoms of neurodermatitis have common symptoms:

In addition, people with diagnosed neurodermatitis are subject to increased sweat separation. They are often much more active sebaceous glands. Simultaneously with the neurodermatitis, there may be other chronic diseases of an allergenic nature, for example, bronchial asthma.

Treatment of pathologists based on symptoms

Seasonal manifestation of atopic neurodermatitis symptoms requires periodic treatment. In the summer the disease is extremely rare, relapses often occur in the winter. The main goal of treatment for exacerbation is to remove the inflammatory process. To do this, use:

In the absence of a positive effect, systemic glucocorticosteroids are recommended.

In chronic course, sedatives are also prescribed.

With partial skin lesions, limited neurodermatitis is treated, the symptoms of which are manifested in the form of violent itching and papular eruptions. The task of physicians is to remove toxins from the body, to remove the characteristic symptomatology and to check the patient for parasitic or bacterial infections. Treatment includes:

Physiotherapy is recommended:

Treatment of follicular neurodermatitis with symptoms developing on the scalp and the body, as in other cases, passes with the use of antihistamines and sedatives. With severe symptoms of neurodermatitis, treatment can take place in a complex manner using folk recipes.

Treatment of folk remedies of neurodermatitis symptoms

When detecting the symptoms of neurodermatitis on the legs, the treatment is carried out using special baths.

Prescription means


Preparation and use

Chopped up raw materials. The broth after 15-20 minutes is filtered out and poured into a deep container - a bucket is better. The container is filled with hot water with a temperature of 37-42 degrees. Take a foot bath for 20-25 minutes. After the procedure, it is best not to rinse the skin.

If the symptoms of neurodermatitis are manifested in the hands, it is more convenient to carry out the treatment yourself with the prepared ointment.

Ointment Recipe


Preparation and use

First heat the melted fat to 70 degrees. Add the other ingredients and mix thoroughly. Use the ointment can be after cooling to room temperature.

It is worth remembering that the treatment of neurodermatitis of a different nature proceeds according to individually drawn up schemes. Therefore, self-medication is unlikely to benefit the body. The use of folk recipes should be carried out in conjunction with drug therapy and only after the approval of a dermatologist.