Beach coverlet

For a comfortable holiday on the beach, many take blankets with them. This is very convenient, since then it will not be necessary to lie on bare sand or stones, and your things will be protected from debris. Especially relevant beach covers for people who are vacationing a large family, but also for single travelers it is also worth buying.

The cheapest and affordable option, as you can provide yourself with a beach bedding, is the use of the already existing jacquard cover in this capacity. But its operation is associated with some inconveniences:

That's why special bedding was invented, which helps to make rest even more comfortable.

Beach cover-bag

A multifunctional invention was a litter that turned into a bag. This facilitates its transportation, and also due to the connection of the sides (lightning, string or button), it is possible to carry non-heavy items necessary for rest: water, headgear, protective cream, etc.

There is a variant of a cover-rucksack, executed on the same principle, only in it instead of handles of a strap and there is a headrest.

Beach bedspread not collecting sand

One of the novelties in the field of recreation was a beach cover, sifting sand and protecting from getting garbage to the surface from below.

This know-how was presented by the American company CGear. The manufacturer claims that with its cover it is not necessary to shake the sand, it will seep itself down. This is due to the fact that it is made of two words of intertwined polymer fibers.

There is such a wonderful litter in two versions:

  1. CGear Sand-Free Mat. It's more a rough product resembling a mat, so you should put a soft cloth on it. But it can be laid on the beach with sharp seashells or stiff grass, not afraid to tear. Produced in the form of a square with sides of 1.8 m, 2.5 m and 3 m in two colors.
  2. CGear Sand-Free Rug. A softer mat, so lying on it you can not do anything from above. This variety is available in four colors.

Thanks to this veil, you can even relax with children on the sandy beach. The only disadvantage of CGear Sand-Free litter is their high price (from $ 45).