Bedroom loft - interior design features in industrial style

Spacious squares and high ceilings of industrial buildings dictate certain rules for decorating premises, the bedroom loft is no exception. Open spaces, designed in accordance with the principles of minimalism, distinguish the interiors of apartments for industrial design lovers.

Bedroom interior in loft style

On the manner of arranging an apartment, one should start thinking at the first stage of finishing works. The stylish loft bedrooms feature an interlacing of chaos and order, rough surface design and refinement of details. Floors can be made of concrete screed, left without further processing. This is inconvenient for keeping the surface clean. Alternatives can serve as coatings in the form of resins, and also, that much warmer, durable wooden parquet.

In the design of the bedroom loft will look good strict solutions. The bet is made on materials that are able, in addition to practical properties, to serve as decor. The following materials are suitable for this purpose:

Small Loft Bedroom

When planning the interior of a small apartment, you need to simplify all the details so that the small loft bedroom looks more spacious. The following elements are suitable:

These methods will make a small room more attractive in appearance and will not clutter the room. To design did not seem boring, in the interior you can use paintings and fixtures that will detain the look. If you emphasize saturated colors, you should give a special role to the white background, on which each element will be selected individually and the details will not merge.

Bedroom-living room in loft style

Loft apartments encourage the owners to experiment with the design. High ceilings of industrial premises allow you to combine a bedroom in loft style in an apartment with a living room and kitchen. In the studio, you can use the combination of various artistic manners in an eclectic interior. The living room and kitchen are well separated by a bar counter, and the bedroom is located on the site, where you can get on the metal staircase.

The industrial view is created by high ceilings and metal structures of the second level platform, where the bedroom is located. Specific industrial color is created not hidden behind the wooden cladding of communication walls. All rooms can be divided and horizontally, allocating zones with partitions made of metal or wood. In the studio apartment is isolated only the bathroom. In avoiding the addition of accessories, one should not be fanatical, so that the artistic decisions in the design do not seem incomplete. Suitable graphics or posters, as well as industrial types depicted on the wallpaper.

Bedroom for a girl in the loft style

On industrial premises it is necessary to look through a prism of modern chic that the room looked esthetically attractive. The bedroom loft in warm colors for the girl should not seem too harsh. Gray concrete, repaired plaster and metal pipes - all this can be left in sight, but the furniture is selected from natural wood in an aged version. Projectors on the rail will soften the hard look of the industrial interior. To create comfort, you can choose furniture from natural wood. Eclectic is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creating a bedroom loft.

Men's bedroom in loft style

The combination of several contrasting materials is typical for the design of an industrial interior intended for housing. The bedroom loft design will be interesting if you combine brick with wood, metal and glass. To revitalize strict forms, it is necessary to take care of the proper lighting. Preference is given to structures made from noble materials. Beauty cast iron handles will give the results of aging of cast iron, small punctures of rusty color. Steel and an array of wood on which time has left its tracks, perfectly blend with each other.

The base of the bed can be built from cut and fastened old doors or pallets for building materials, instead of nightstands use tool boxes. The wall behind the bed of aged brick, painted in white, will suit the interior, where simple figures and shapes typical for urbanized space prevail. The bedroom loft will acquire an exceptional character and will be cozy at the same time, if you use original furniture, which was used for industrial purposes, taking into account functionality and aesthetics.

Loft style in the teen bedroom

First of all, a bedroom for a loft-style boy should be liked by a teenager and reflected on his personality. During adolescence, the tastes change from season to season, and the idea of ​​the interior is that the accessories can be changed as the child matures. The industrial manner of decorating the room will be good for boys and girls at the moment when they leave the toy world and begin interested in technology and rock music. The room should have everything you need to be able to stay alone or receive friends.

The space unites zones with several functions that will be represented by the corresponding furniture:

Loft-style bedroom in the loft

Aspects of loft construction create unique opportunities for design. It is necessary to perceive the potential of deviations, and not consider them as limitations. The bedroom loft loft causes a feeling of comfort because of the large number of slopes. Under the sloping walls do not play table tennis, but to sleep comfortably. Having placed a bed under a bevel with a ceiling window, it is possible to fall asleep, admiring with stars.

Furniture in the attic must be adapted to the existing conditions there. A slope of 150 cm high allows you to move normally at 50 cm from it. But even at a very low wall along the diagonal, it is possible to organize a space so that it can be used optimally by equipping all kinds of compartments. If you choose furniture of industrial buildings, the interior will become unusual and will acquire an individual character.

Loft style bedroom design

The latest trends in the industrial manner of decorating the loft bedroom attract the attention of lovers of minimalism and elegance resulting from simplicity. Turning shop rooms into an apartment is expensive and time consuming, but the end result is very effective, although it is characterized by a lack of refinement and decorations. Bedroom in loft style on the background of white brick walls will look fresh and original.

A massive bed, made in gray, is decorated with pillows with smooth pillowcases made of natural materials, decorated with inscriptions. Bedside tables are ideal for metal legs. It is also worth looking for metal baskets or containers. Good chairs and chairs made of aged wood. You can store clothes in metal lockers or wooden chests with metal fittings.

Curtains in the bedroom in the loft style

With the choice of curtains on the windows should be careful, because the industrial walls are characterized by large windows. It is difficult, however, to decorate the bedroom loft interior without curtains on the windows, as the person will not feel free and intimate during sleep. Curtains are better to pick up heavy, monophonic colors or stripes that will not attract attention. Metal blinds are also suitable.

Bed for bedroom in loft style

Over time, the industrial design of rooms has become an indicator of good taste. The collection of furniture is distinguished by the simplicity and functionality inherent in industrial design. Bedroom furniture in loft style is made of metal and wood, which can be applied either individually or together. The most popular colors are:

One of the latest trends for the construction of beds is the paving of wooden pallets in the form of a podium. To the bedroom loft looked beautiful and original it is necessary to give vent to fantasy. The components can be painted white, but nothing prevents the natural appearance of the wood, which will lead to a colorful contrast with the bed linen. To make the bed high, you can double the pallets or install rollers from 7 to 8 cm, which is ideal for balancing the mass .

Chandelier in the bedroom in the loft style

Industrial chandeliers of the twentieth century will provide lighting and serve as an elegant and functional interior decoration. The modern loft-style bedroom is illuminated by lamps, designed according to the taste of the owner. Products can be found both in industrial buildings, for sale, and in specialized stores. Latticed metal frames of lamps are designed for incandescent lamps of different power. A large black lampshade in the form of a bell or modern LED light sources is used.

Bedroom loft requires a proper approach to the arrangement. An important element is the amount of incoming sunlight. The more light, the more roomy the bedroom will seem. In premises of industrial type, beige and gray colors, as well as natural materials, are better suited. Pipes or cables coming out of the walls are left in a natural form or deliberately emphasized by color. It is necessary to remember the safety precautions, communications should be systematized and fixed.