Black radish with honey from cough - recipes of our grandmothers

Alternative medicine today is experiencing a second boom in its development and many are returning to the recipes that our ancestors used. Here is a black radish with honey from cough acting such an effective treatment that can both supplement the basic therapy, and be applied instead.

What is useful for a black radish with honey?

Among all its varieties, the most beneficial is the root of dark color, rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, calcium salts, organic acids, ethers, mono-and disaccharides, PP vitamins, carotene, ascorbic acid, group B, ash etc. Of greatest interest is the substance lysozyme, which exerts a destructive effect on pathogens. There are also glycosides in this vegetable, which suppress the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Radish enhances metabolism, has an immunostimulating and restorative effect, which is especially important in the period of influenza and various colds. This natural antibiotic improves the separation of sputum and makes the cough more productive. It is also accepted for hoarseness, including in the complex therapy of tuberculosis, whooping cough and other ailments. Vegetable is able to rid the body of excess fluid.

Useful properties of black radish with honey are increased many times. The beekeeping product reinforces the aforementioned ability of the root crop, kills viruses, relieves inflammation and speeds up the process of returning to normal life. Help him cough help valuable elements of the periodic table, presented in almost full composition. The product of beekeeping can cope with both a protracted, chronic cough , and acute. Often it is used topically, rubbing your back, chest and feet, which increases the quality of therapy.

Black radish with honey - recipe

When preparing a radish according to one of the following recipes, it is necessary to choose it correctly. To begin with, visually inspect, discarded corrupt, beaten and other root crops with a violation of the integrity of the structure. The vegetable should be firm, with an elastic juicy tail. The holes indicate that it is damaged by pests. Healing medicine can be prepared in many different ways. First, when considering how to make a black radish with honey, you can consider the option in which the root crop acts as a reservoir for the preparation of medicinal composition.


Stages of preparation:

  1. Radish needs to be washed, cut off the top and use a knife to cut out the core, which should be half (or third) of the whole volume.
  2. Inside, pour a bit of the product of beekeeping, not filling them with the entire cavity, and leaving room for juice, which will be released in the future.

All the manipulations in this recipe are recommended to be done in the evening, so that the next morning you can start treatment:


Stages of preparation:

If there is no desire to wait all night, and there are doubts that the root will let off the juice, as happens in a situation where it is not too fresh, it is better to remove the top layer from it, grate the flesh, pass through the filter, and mix the liquid with the product of beekeeping in equal parts.

Such a black radish with honey from a cough will have the same effect:


Stages of preparation:

  1. You can not squeeze the juice as in the previous recipe, but simply cut the flesh into cubes.
  2. Pour the sweet "doctor" in equal proportion, and after the allocation of a sufficient amount of juice to begin therapy.

How to treat cough with black radish with honey?

In the therapy of bronchitis, laryngitis, whooping cough, pneumonia and other diseases accompanied by a painful cough, the therapeutic composition is recommended to be consumed inside in the same time intervals - 5-6 hours. It is very important to drink at night. The duration of therapy is 3-10 days, but in the absence of allergies and individual intolerance, cough treatment with black radish with honey and its duration is determined by the indications. It is not forbidden to combine it with traditional medicines.

Black radish with honey from cough to children

Children who are scheduled to give a healing drug for the first time, to start therapy is recommended with the lowest dose of 5-10 drops. Infants under the age of one year should not be treated with such a remedy, especially if they are allergic. Gradually increase the dose to 1 teaspoonful - 1 dessert spoon (the recommended way of eating three times a day). In a situation where it is known that the child is allergic, but the pulp of root crops perceives normally, then the juice of black radish for children with honey is replaced with juice obtained from this root and sugar.

Black radish with honey - how to take an adult?

Persons from 12 years of age and older can increase the dose to 1 table spoon. Multiplicity of admission and duration of therapy are the same. Radish from coughing will help only if the juice is fresh, and it is considered as such only within 72 hours. That is, after three days the root crop used is replaced with a new one. It is advisable to buy it on the market, and not in the store, where there is a great risk to get stuffed with nitrates and chemicals vegetable.

Black radish with honey from bronchitis

With this disease, accompanied by damage to the bronchial mucosa, a violation of the secretion, motor activity of the cilia and the cleaning of the surface, and used medicinal composition. Honey radish from bronchitis is used in any period and secondary disease. Whatever infection or virus it provoked, the biologically active substances of the root crop will have their positive effect, reproaching circulation of blood and saturation of vacuoles with oxygen molecules and nutrients, having an expectorant and bronchodilating effect.

Black radish with honey during pregnancy

Often, folk remedies are the only chance for a woman to recover in a position. Ordinary medicines are not suitable for her because of the destructive or unexplained influence on the fetus, so she has to choose between her health and her child's health. Honey radish for pregnant women is completely safe. Its vitamins and other useful elements will act as a preventive for avitaminosis in the spring and autumn, and this root can still fight with swelling, which women will appreciate in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Black radish with honey from cough - contraindications

On the allergy and individual intolerance has already been said, and even this root can not be taken by individuals with any diseases of the digestive tract in the phase of exacerbation. Black radish with honey side effects can have on people with diabetes. Careful, it is worth using it to patients with cardiovascular ailments. And pregnant women the main thing is not to abuse the black radish with honey from a cough, so as not to provoke heartburn and flatulence.