Closed swimsuits - the best models and colors for the beach and pool

What does a woman need for a good mood? Summer, sun, beach and swimsuit, turning it into a charming beauty. In the new season there is a huge assortment of absolutely different women's bathing suits. From bikini to the actual many years of indoor sports leotard.

Outdoor or indoor swimsuit - which one to choose?

Beautiful indoor swimsuits go all and are suitable for regular visits to the pool, and for the beach. At any age in them, you can always be in a trend, and look your best! Open swimsuits, bikinis and mini bikinis look great on a sporty, tight body. Ideal solution for obtaining a uniform tan in the solarium and under the sun.

The choice of a beach suit depends on the features of the structure of the figure and personal preferences. There are no special rules for his selection. Fashion experts distinguish only:

Convenience and beauty in the light of modern trends are the eternal symbols of everyday fashion. Clothes that like more, in which you can feel elegant and chic - will be the most suitable.

Closed swimsuits

Closed Swimsuits 2017

What famous designers showed on the shows in this swimming season?

  1. A unique combination of colors and prints.
  2. Underline bends.
  3. A game of contrasts.
  4. Abundance of decor:

Fashionable indoor swimwear 2017 is full of variety and striking. Almost all colors are used. Soft pastel is combined with bright saturated colors of all shades.

In new collections of bathing suits there are various decor elements and materials for tailoring:

  1. Novelty is a metallized fabric.
  2. Mesh for draperies and allowed open areas of the body.
  3. Thin leather inserts for evening and party models of closed swimsuits.
  4. High-quality high-tech materials.

For intricate interweaving in ultramodern closed swimsuits, designers use cotton natural threads.

Fashionable indoor swimwear 2017

Types of indoor swimsuits

Closed women's swimsuits are real summer hits for women with subtle taste. In fashion, all that your heart desires:

  1. Impeccable classics and provoking avant-garde.
  2. Laconism and creative weaving.
  3. Originality and conservatism.
  4. Application and monotony.
  5. Severity and emphasized sexuality.

Closed swimsuits, with or without a pattern, will pleasantly amaze even the most sophisticated women of fashion. Most conveniently - swimwear made of membrane fabric, quickly dry, pleasant to the body.

Do not lag behind and the shape of cut, in the retro style of the 80s of the twentieth century and supermodern:

Models for every taste and size. Particularly popular is the tropical theme.

Closed swimsuit with shorts

Who said shorts are boring and mundane? Originally they were intended for sport swimming. On the beach, closed swimsuits with shorts for the pool on girls and women look feminine and naturally attractive. For the manufacture of closed swimsuits with shorts, manufacturers use:

In such models intertwining restraint and sex appeal are interesting.

Closed swimsuits made from elastic, with a high content of lycra, fabrics are good air flow, perfectly correct the figure. Fell in love with those who have problems with physique, age changes. Focus on the décolleté zone, hiding lower volumes. Tighten the abdomen and hips, but do not constrain movement, providing complete comfort to its owners.

Closed swimsuit with shorts

Closed swimsuit with skirt

Coquettish, spectacular and elegant closed swimsuits with a skirt not only create a fashionable romantic image, but will pay the main attention to the bottom. Suitable and the owners of magnificent forms, and slender flirt. The skirt on the closed swimsuit looks mysterious, light and careless, which will make it impossible not to notice some flaws. The skirt can be:

The length also varies: from the maximum mini to just above the knees. An indoor swimsuit with a skirt looks modest and chic at the same time. Turns women into real princesses.

Closed swimsuit with skirt

Fashionable indoor swimsuit with skirt

Stylish indoor swimsuit with skirt

Swimwear with closed top

The original novelty is a swimsuit with a closed back and riding. Features of the model:

Swimsuits with a closed top highlight the line of the chest and shoulders. They are executed in monochrome tones, ethnic prints and safari-motives. They are given special chic by the asymmetry of cut, finishing with thin strips and using different ties.

Swimwear with closed top

Swimsuit with closed shoulders

A trendy indoor swimsuit for the pool attracts attention with intricate patterns and shaping features. Classic style fits many, makes any woman attractive. In favor, closed swimsuits of the following colors:

Black and white and white and gray combination, strip, alternation of floral motifs and tropics - at the peak of popularity.

Swimsuit with closed shoulders

It's hard to buy a bronze and even tan in such clothes, but for surfing, beach volleyball and sailing - an excellent solution. Sports-chic for lovers of outdoor activities. The main emphasis is practicality and unconditional comfort. The creators of high fashion took into account the wishes of extravagant ladies and made neon variety:

It turned out a super fashionable classic.

Fashionable indoor swimsuits

Stylish indoor swimwear in the summer season of 2017 is by no means puritanical: retaining an element of mystery that is so interesting to representatives of the strong half of humanity, they are playful and luxurious, on the rise of popularity. With lacing on the sides, open with one shoulder, unique cut-outs, cuffs, laces and even leather stitches instantly turn their mistresses into beach queens.

Closed Thong Swimsuit

Sexy indoor swimsuits made a sensation. They fully perform their functions. A great tan is their main purpose. Varied tops are harmoniously combined with the stringer bottom:

  1. An indoor swimsuit with a solid bust without cups and wide straps.
  2. The closed swimsuit of a thong with cups with a print, or monophonic.
  3. A model of thin straps, braids, laces and ropes on the hips.

These beach dresses conquered the hearts of women of fashion with perfect forms .

Closed Thong Swimsuit

The fabric, depending on the cut, can end in the middle of the waist, completely cover the abdominal area and go along the entire figure as far as possible with a thin, uniform or striped inserts. Sports models are made of dense and elastic material. In them the decollete zone is closed from the clavicles, and straps keep the breast in a fixed position.

An indoor swimsuit with a high-cut hip

These models of closed swimsuits visually extend the legs. Lightning fastens the views to their owners. High fashion combines:

Beautiful closed swimsuits are sustained in all color shades, with horizontal and vertical patterns, abstraction. Women with slender legs in such closed swimsuits, the title "Miss Elegance" is provided.

An indoor swimsuit with a high-cut hip

Closed swimsuit with an open back

What will help to show a beautiful back? Closed swimwear for the beach with an open back. They are:

The back is fully open or skilfully interlaced with thin strips. Unusually sexy and attractive, these closed swimsuits came into fashion and immediately fell in love because in them it is convenient to swim and sunbathe.

Closed swimsuit with an open back

Closed swimwear with fringe

The undisputed leader of the season - fringe, emerged from the boho and 70's of the last century, conquered even the most exquisite fashionistas. In the beach ensemble used to decorate the bodice, top and bottom. Goes as a separate element, and part of the scenery - playful tassels. An indoor swimsuit with pendants is perfect:

Romantic people and extravagant girls are happy to wear it.

Closed swimwear with fringe

V-shaped fimbria cut perfectly fits into the bright and slightly predatory image of the hunter. A skirt made of fringe gives strength and confidence. Brushes in the waistline contribute to the creation of soft coquetry. The finest patches, confidently developing on the sides and on the hips, add extraordinary sexuality. Small pompons on the bodice will give the appearance of eastern elegance. In a fashionable closed swimsuit, a woman will look easy and sophisticated unsolved mystery.

Fashionable indoor swimwear with fringe