Collar-stand - 46 photos of fashionable images with a collar stand for every taste

Collar-stand is one of the fashion trends of recent seasons. This detail is able to give the image an extraordinary elegance, it will be an ideal solution to supplement the official bows. She can decorate various items of the wardrobe: a dress, a coat, a fur coat , a jacket, a jacket, a sweater, a blouse.

Collar stand - types

Such an interesting detail as the collar-stand is presented by various styles, which, with their alternation, help each time to look in a new way. Among their variations are the following:

  1. Tselnokroenye, which are combined with the shelf and back. In this case, their height can vary from very small to elongated. In addition, this element can be smooth or figured.
  2. Whole-nosed solely with a shelf, a separate part is provided on the back side.
  3. Passing into a chalice lapel and serving as an organic continuation, this option looks extremely impressive.
  4. Cutting off, which acts as a separate element. In this case, it can be small in height or turn-down, allowing it to turn. Very organically look like wardrobe items like a blouse with a high collar stand, sweater, coat.
  5. The mouth of the neck can be standard or exaggeratedly wide, which is a certain design technique. Such a detail can be used on dresses, sweaters, blouses. Use it when decorating a coat is not very appropriate, because the neck remains open, which contributes to the penetration of cold.

Turn-down collar on the rack

A very common option is a stylish collar-stand, which is presented in a turndown form. He often decorates such items of the wardrobe:

Knitted collar-stand

Such a stylish piece as a collar with a stand can be used in the design of knitted things, which include the following:

Lace collar stand

Incredibly attractive looks a beautiful collar-stand, made using lace. It is characterized by such distinctive characteristics:

Fashionable collar-stand

The fashionable detail is used in numerous designer collections, it adorns all kinds of wardrobe items, for example, it can be a coat with a collar stand, a fur coat or a jacket, an elegant dress, a blouse, a shirt, a knitted sweater, a cardigan, a jacket, a jacket. There are the following variations of the design of this part:

Coat with a collar-stand

Very original and elegant looks female coat, the collar-stand of which acts as a stylish highlight of the subject of the wardrobe. There are the following variations of its design:

Dress with a collar-stand

The perfect solution for going to the office will be a dress with a stand-collar. It will add an image of elegance and successfully fit even into the strictest office dress code. We can note such variations of models:

Fur coat with a collar-stand

The fur coat, which contains such a detail as a collar-stylish stand, will be an excellent solution for the winter season. Thanks to this cut the neck will be reliably protected from colds. Among the most popular models are the following:

Blouse with a collar-stand

A perfect addition to the elegant image will be a blouse or shirt with a collar-stand. It can have such distinctive characteristics:

Sweater with a collar-stand

For the winter season, sweaters or sweatshirts with a collar-stand will be an excellent choice. This element can be designed differently, you can note such design techniques:

Jacket with a collar-stand

Many fashionable women appreciated such a wardrobe as a women's jacket with a collar-stand. In the designer collections there are various variations of design, among which you can note the following:

Jacket with a collar-stand

An effective addition to any image will be a jacket with a collar-stand. With its help you can make a variety of stylish bows, among which you can note the following:

  1. Business - for its creation a strict jacket is used, which is worn over the office blouse and serves as a constituent part of a trouser or a skirt suit.
  2. Casual - it can be created by combining a jacket with jeans, which can have different styles.
  3. Evening - for its creation you can use jackets or satin fabric, overlapping the evening dress.

Wedding dress with a collar-stand

Brides who, when choosing a dress for celebrations want to make a heightened emphasis on elegance, will appreciate the wedding dresses with a collar stand. They are represented by a variety of variations of models, among which each newlywed woman will be able to pick up the product to her taste. As characteristic features of products can be designated the following: