Colorless henna for hair - a worthy substitute for biolamination

The plant cassia tulip is known among folk healers as a universal medicinal product. Dry leaves and stems of this shrub produce colorless henna. The similarity with the powder on the basis of lavson only in the name, it does not color the locks in a copper-red tint, but produces a pronounced positive effect.

Colorless Henna for Hair - Benefit and Harm

The described natural product is rich in valuable chemical compounds:

These substances cause all the beneficial effects that colorless hair hens have - a benefit:

Qualitative colorless henna for hair does not cause allergic reactions, but in some situations it should be used with caution. Powder from cassia has drying properties, so its use on damaged and moistureless locks must be combined with intensive moisturizing and nourishing care. Otherwise, the strands will become dry and brittle, they will begin to break off.

Hair colorless henna treatment

Cosmetologists are advised to conduct therapy courses, because the agent under consideration produces a cumulative effect. Colorless natural henna for hair is mainly used as a strengthening and stimulating product. If you systematically apply the powder from cassia, the curls will stop falling out, splitting and breaking, will acquire a density, splendor and healthy radiance.

Colorless Henna for strengthening hair

This product has a local irritant effect on the epidermis of the head and stimulates blood circulation in small capillaries. Due to this, more oxygen and nutrients enter the follicles, they are activated, and the roots are strengthened. Effective colorless henna against hair loss and due to its composition. Zeaxanthin and rutin prevent alopecia, preventing the death of living bulbs and the transition of follicles into a "dormant" state.

If a strong fallout is associated with infectious diseases of the epidermis of the head, the agent presented can also help. Colorless henna for hair contains chrysophanol. This substance has a pronounced activity against most pathogenic microbes and fungi. In addition, this chemical compound eliminates seborrhea and fatty dandruff.

Colorless henna for hair growth

No tool can significantly accelerate the extension of the strands. Normal growth rate ringlets is up to 1.6-1.7 cm per month (maximum). Iranian colorless henna for hair - not an exception. With her help, do not get a braid to the waist in a few weeks, but to improve the condition of the curls, stop the cross-section of the ends and break off the rods quite realistically. Thanks to the powder of cassia, the strands will be healthy, elastic and strong, which eliminates the need to constantly cut them and allow them to grow faster.

Colorless Henna for hair - how to use?

The standard way of using the described agent is to prepare the gruel from herbal powder. It is important to use hot water, but not boiling water, to keep all the healthy ingredients of the product. After the dilution, it is necessary to put a lot of weight on the locks and scalp. The number of cassia depends on the length, quality of the strands and the purposes of therapy. Colorless Henna for hair - application:

  1. When dryness, it is necessary to apply the mush on the roots only. To do this, enough 50-75 grams of powder.
  2. If there is increased fat content, henna can be distributed along the entire length. In accordance with the level and thickness of the hair, 125-250 g of cassia is required.
  3. When the curls are oily, but split, it is recommended to use the remedy only on the scalp and the majority of the strands, avoiding the ends.

How to apply colorless henna to the hair?

To get the most positive effect, the mass should be distributed even warm or even hot. Colorless henna for hair - a way of application:

  1. Wet clean and carefully combed locks with water.
  2. Starting from the back of the head, gently, but abundantly apply gruel to the epidermis of the head, dividing the strands into the proline.
  3. Distribute the rest of the mixture to the hair.
  4. Make your fingers massage your skin.
  5. Locks to collect in a plait, to put on a plastic cap.
  6. Insulate the head with a thick towel.
  7. After the allotted time (it is selected individually) to wash off the remedy.

The procedure changes slightly when using colorless henna to strengthen hair - the method of application is limited to applying gruel from cassia only to the roots followed by massaging. To achieve the desired result for 1 procedure does not work, the visible effect will be noticeable after 9-10 sessions. The strands will acquire a density and volume, become lush, light and shiny.

How much to keep colorless henna on the hair?

The duration of the manipulation depends on the properties of the curls and the duration of the treatment. When a colorless henna for dry hair is used, or the procedure is performed for the first time, the mask should be kept for 20-25 minutes. If the scalp is prone to fat, the powder is applied more than 3 times, the time of the session increases to 30-90 minutes. Duration does not depend on whether colorless henna is applied to dyed hair or not, it does not affect the existing shade of strands in any way. The only nuance - cassia can not be used on clarified locks, because of this they will become greenish.

Mask with colorless henna for hair

The above standard method of using natural remedy works perfectly and without additives, but the effect can be strengthened with additional components. Essential oils are good:

Universal mask of colorless henna


Preparation, use:

  1. Dilute the cassia with water to the state of gruel.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the warmth.
  3. Rub part of the product into the roots.
  4. Distribute the composition over the hair.
  5. Heat the head with polyethylene and a towel.
  6. After 1.5 hours, wash the hair with shampoo.
  7. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week.
  8. The course of therapy - 2-3 months.

How to color hair with colorless henna?

Even the name of the product in question indicates the absence of pigments in its composition. Coloring the hair with colorless henna is impossible, cassia powder does not change the hue of the strands. This cosmetic is used to treat damaged ringlets, restore their structure and strengthen bulbs. If you apply the cassia on the painted strands, their tone will only become brighter and more saturated.

Hair after colorless henna

The use of the presented natural product very favorably affects the state of the hairstyle. Especially useful is colorless henna for damaged hair, it makes them denser and softer, increases elasticity, prevents cross-section and brittleness. In the cassia there are components that have enveloping properties. They create a microscopic film on hair shafts, which not only protects them from harmful external influences, but also gives a glossy sheen. At the end of the full course of therapy, the curls look like after biolamination .

An undesirable result can be obtained only if a colorless henna was applied to blonde hair. Natural blondes should not use cassia powder, because it gives the strands a greenish-yellow tone. Artificially clarified curls, especially in the presence of damages and porous structure of the rods, are more strongly exposed to this action and acquire a dirty-marsh shade.

Can I dye my hair after colorless henna?

Hairdressers do not prohibit the applied care agent in parallel and change the tone of the strands in parallel. After colorless henna, you can dye your hair, but not immediately. It is advisable to wait until the curls absorb the beneficial natural ingredients and recover a little. It is better to paint the strands either before using colorless henna for hair, or a week after the treatment procedures.