Dance zumba for girls - a combination of dance and aerobics!

Many people think that sport is boring and uninteresting, but it's not so, and as an example, you can bring a zumba dance, which refers to fitness training. This direction is actively developing in many countries, and it is being dealt with by both men and women.

What is a zumba dance?

This kind of fitness combines movements from two main directions: aerobics and Latin American dances. Zumba appeared quite accidentally thanks to the fitness instructor Alberto Perez, who forgot to take a music CD for another training session, so he used a collection of Latin American songs discovered in his car. As a result, the training turned out to be fun and interesting, and all the visitors of the lesson were asked to continue in this direction. As a result, you can come to the conclusion that zumba is a combination of dance and aerobics, and even fun and positive energy.

Although the zumba has a large number of advantages, it is impossible to ignore existing contraindications:

What are the directions of the dance in the zumba?

Although this sporting trend arose relatively recently, there are already several types: six basic and many subspecies, depending on the coach and the country where the occupation is held. The main varieties of dance zumba:

  1. Zumba Basic . The basic program, which was invented directly by the author of the zumba.
  2. Zumba Basic 2 . The basic movements are also based, but South American dances are included, for example, samba, flamenco and tango.
  3. Zumba Gold . A program designed for people of age and with disabilities. It includes more sparing elements that do not put stress on the heart, joints and so on.
  4. Zbmba Toning . The most aerobic direction, which includes many kinds of music and movements. It is aimed at working out the most problematic zones.
  5. Aqua Zumba . A program designed for training in the water. This is an excellent option for people who have problems with joints.
  6. Zumbatomic . Family direction, in which parents and children aged 12-15 take part.

Dual dance zumba

The dance fitness trend is constantly evolving and if initially the movements were solo, then today if you want you can go to the paired classes. Since the training is based on Latin American dances, in which the interaction with the partner is important, the beautiful dance of the zumba is even more vivid and spectacular. In addition, dancing in a pair helps to overcome the embarrassment and become more emancipated.

Female zumba dance

Most of all in classes on women's zumba, and this is due to a large number of benefits:

  1. The whole body receives the load, and the muscles of the legs and abdomen are most actively studied, which are the most problematic. Due to this, the volumes decrease, and cellulite goes away.
  2. Dance zumba for girls is active and makes you breathe actively, which causes oxygenation of the blood and improvement of metabolic processes in the body.
  3. Training can be compared with a massage of the internal organs, so there is improvement in digestion and the work of other organs.
  4. The dance of the zumba helps to correct the posture and strengthen the coordination of movement.
  5. Training is good for the work of the nervous system, giving positive emotions.

Street dances zumba

You can call this a fitness direction and street dances, because it combines a lot of fashionable styles, for example, salsa, mambo, cha-cha, reggaeton, samba and others. A very beautiful dance of the zumba includes elements of street Colombian dance - kumbia. There are different types of new dance fitness direction, and some of them include movements from national Arabic and Indian dances.

Dance zumba for losing weight

If you want to throw off extra pounds, then the zumba is ideal for this direction, because it includes aerobic and strength exercises. Dancing in the zumba style works on the basic muscle groups, and a special emphasis is placed on the hips and buttocks. For an hour of active training, you can throw more than 500 calories. Thanks to the training you can get rid of cellulite , tighten the body and make the body more attractive.

Fitness dancing zumba

The huge popularity of this sporting direction explains the appearance of other species, which are supplemented by new elements and interesting "chips". Are distributed such directions:

  1. Continental . The lesson is designed so that it can be performed by people of any age and with different physical training. In most cases, such modern zumba dance is used in master classes to attract new visitors. In the training can include elements of the national dances of countries where the lesson is conducted. In the direction of the continental coach takes into account the dance preferences of the audience.
  2. Zumba tone . The main goal of this type is to carefully work out a specific group of muscles, burn fat and calories. For this purpose, the training uses different equipment, for example, dumbbells or weighting on the legs. Thanks to this, the load is increased, and the problem zone is worked out even more.
  3. Circular . Conduct a lesson without fail in the gym. Training combines dancing zumba and performing exercises on the simulators. The group is divided into two parts, which alternate with each other. The simulators carry out exercises for working out the main muscles: the hamstrings, press, triceps and so on. Dancing provides the cardio-load necessary for burning fat. The training lasts in most cases half an hour.
  4. Power from Tanya Beardsley. Known in many countries, the instructor of dance fitness has good experience, and she developed a power program that is designed for experienced athletes, since it is highly intensive. Training includes movements from classical fitness and strength exercises. The program Tani Beardsley helps to work well the buttocks, the press, the hips and the muscles of the hands.

Dance zumba in the water

A gentle variant of the training is dancing in the water, but at the same time it is effective. People with disabilities, with joint problems , pregnant women, and so on can do it. Zumba dance movements are taken from aqua aerobics, but they are made for Latin American motifs. Participants of the training are on the chest in the pool, but to increase the load you can immerse yourself in the water even more. The effectiveness of the zumba dance is enhanced by the need to overcome the "density" of water.

Zumba step dance

To increase the effectiveness of training in the classic zumba added step. Thanks to the rise and descent to the hill, the muscles will be strained more, and even small muscles are involved in the work. Dance zumba on the step is in most cases an interval cardio training. Step can not be used during the whole workout, but only for a small part of it. A good load can be obtained in 20 minutes. The elements of the zumba dance easily adapt to the platform.

Learning to dance zumba

At first glance it may seem that this fitness direction is easy, but in fact there are a lot of dance movements that need to be properly performed. To master the dance zumba, training is better to pass in special classes under the guidance of the coach. In many fitness centers there are specialists in this direction. The zumba dance school in most cases offers training, divided into three stages:

  1. First, a warm-up is done, during which you need to perform simple dance movements to warm up muscles, ligaments and joints. Without this, you can not, because the risk of injury will increase significantly.
  2. At the next stage, there is a force load, but at a moderate pace. Here people learn and hone small bundles. In most schools, beginners are trained separately and they slowly learn the basic movements in the second stage, and those who have already done it study more complex steps and sharpen the technique.
  3. The last part of the training is already based on the performance of the learned ligaments, which are combined into one incendiary dance.

How to learn the dance zumba yourself?

If you want to do zumba can be at home. For this you can watch different trainings, repeating the movements. Dancing zumba houses will not be effective if you do not take into account such rules:

  1. If possible, do in front of the mirror to monitor movement.
  2. Training should be built in such a way that the accent is first on your feet, and then connect and upper limbs.
  3. Begin with a minimum and first hone the individual movements, and then combine them into the ligaments and into the zumba dance.
  4. In the first few sessions, do not overload the body. The best solution is to start with a minimum and constantly increase the load, then you can see good progress.
  5. If you want to get a result, do not skip training, because regularity is important. The minimum number of lessons per week is 3 times.
  6. Choose for yourself comfortable clothes and shoes, so that nothing is shackled by the movements.
  7. For weight loss are important not only training, but also compliance with proper nutrition and drinking regimen.
  8. If you feel bad, it is better to give up training, so as not to aggravate the condition.

Music for dance zumba

For home workouts, you need to select tracks of rhythmic and incendiary music, so you do not want to stand still. It is best to use special collections where the songs for the dance of the zumba are arranged in a certain order: in the beginning there will be tracks for warm-up , after for intensive training, and at the end - songs for relaxation. You can choose a track list yourself and for example you can offer such tracks:

  1. Pharrell Williams «Happy».
  2. Inna «Yalla».
  3. Major Lazer feat. DJ Snake & MØ «Lean On».
  4. RedOne "Do not You Need Somebody".
  5. Sia «Cheap Thrills».
  6. Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj «Side To Side».
  7. Justin Bieber. "Sorry."
  8. Justin Timberlake "Can not stop the feeling".
  9. Shakira ft. Maluma "Chantaje".
  10. Jennifer Lopez "Is not Your Mama".