Demi Lovato's Hairstyles

American singer and actress Demi Lovato continues to amaze her fans with cardinal changes in appearance. The singer gained popularity in 2008 after the release of the first album. Then she remembered her youth, daring style. On the show Chevy Rocks Lovato appeared in the image of a brown-haired woman with long hair and careless "torn" bangs. Since then, she turned into a brunette, blonde, painted strands in pink, again repainted in a brown-haired woman. The singer wore long hairstyles and cut her hair to her shoulders. Whatever experiments the star does with its hair, the images of Demi Lovato are always noticeable and express her bold and daring character.

Young Lovato

At the beginning of her career, Demi was not remembered with extravagant images. For the release of light, she preferred modest evening hairstyles: slightly twisted long locks, various types of cuts, long straight hair, slightly attached to the back of the head.

Later, the star was repainted in a burning brunette. The new hairstyle of Demi Lovato without a bang, with long shiny black curls, made the singer older and more elegant.

From the black, the star again returned to the dark shades of chocolate and cut off the bangs. Now the singer looked young and fresh again.

New Images

Very stylish and elegant look Demi Lovato's hairstyles in the form of a tall fluffy tail with straight or twisted ends. A few carelessly spun out strands give the image a sensuality and romance.

Lovato caused a lot of controversy to be painted in a blonde. There were many opponents and supporters of this image change. Being a blonde Demi decided to diversify her image, dyeing the ends of her hair in pink. The spit, starred in a cheerful blue color, remained uncharted. As a blonde, Demi again cut off the bangs, which made her eyes more expressive.

Once again Demi Lovato changed her image in February 2013, then her new hairstyle - long straight black hair, once again pleased many admirers. It took only a few weeks and Demi Lovato with a new hairstyle. In March, the star cut her hair to her shoulders, although the color remained unchanged.