Earrings with chrysolite - 30 photos of beautiful earrings with natural chrysolite

Many ladies can not resist ornaments, especially if they are decorated with shiny stones. Very popular are earrings with chrysolite, which has an exquisite olive color and bears purity and impeccability. He looks very impressive, because he has special golden threads that create different color variations.

Earrings with natural chrysolite

The green stone has a volcanic origin, its shades fluctuate in gentle-green variants. The mineral is yellow, olive, lime, but you can see a rich emerald tone. Earrings with chrysolite are presented in such variations of models:

Earrings with chrysolite in gold

For many women, gold jewelry is considered the most desirable, so semiprecious stones often complement gold. Gold earrings with chrysolite can be used to go out into the light, they will become an excellent alternative to expensive emerald accessories. Earrings are characterized by such characteristics:

Earrings with chrysolite in silver

Silver is a more budget option compared to gold. The green color of the pebble is perfectly combined with silver. Such decorations are more suitable for young girls, for older ladies it is better to stop on a gold frame. At the height of popularity, there are silver earrings with chrysolite of all possible forms, they are presented in such variations:

Beautiful earrings with chrysolite

In many fashion designer collections there are gold or silver earrings with natural chrysolite. One of the advantages of this stone is that it is very similar to ruby, only in green. It is characterized by unique color variations, it can be perfectly supplemented with a gold or silver frame. For everyday wear suitable small carnations , and for evening activities it is better to choose chic "chandeliers".

Carnation cloves with chrysolite

Very elegant look gold stud earrings with chrysolite, in addition, they do not deliver any discomfort during socks. The products have a metal, conveniently located buckle. The green color of the main element can be supplemented with other colorful stones that will look truly luxurious. They will effectively play in the light and are perfect for everyday wear.

Earrings with large chrysolite

Among the representatives of the fairer sex older popular massive earrings with chrysolite. They have such distinctive characteristics:

Vintage earrings with chrysolite

To make an image unsurpassed will help the ring and earrings with chrysolite, made in vintage style. They will give their owner exclusivity, in addition, they have high quality and reliability. They should have the following properties:

Long earrings with chrysolite

Evening attire can effectively complement the earring-suspension with chrysolite. They look extremely gentle and elegant, they can be present not only the main stone, but also other semiprecious pebbles. Products are found in such variations:

Earrings with chrysolite and cubic zirconia

Incredibly organically look gold earrings with chrysolite and cubic zirconia, which have such characteristic features:

Earrings with chrysolite and diamonds

Truly luxurious look gold earrings with chrysolite and diamonds. They occur in such variations of models:

Earrings with chrysolite and rhodolite

Rhodolite has an excellent pink and red color and can perfectly complement the earrings with real chrysolite. Among their distinguishing features are the following:

Earrings with citrine and chrysolite

Citrine is a bright yellow gem, it can be large and of different shapes, it has extremely effective yellow overflows. Earrings with real chrysolite and citrine are often supplemented with gold or silver rim, they are perfectly combined with other pebbles. Citrine and the main stone can be connected in elegant pouches or in hanging models. Diamonds are also a great addition.