Elizabeth II refused the servants of the court lingerie supplier for divulging intimate details

As you know, the Queen of England Elizabeth II - the lady is extremely scrupulous and serious. Especially in those matters that relate to her personal life.

The other day it became known that the principal lady had fired her long-time lingerie supplier. The company Rigby & Peller for 57 years was engaged in an intimate wardrobe not only of the queen herself, but also of her family members. What is the reason?

Last year, the book "Storm in the D Cup" was released. Its author - Ms. June Kenton was at one time the founder of this linen company. Despite the fact that the talkative June 7 years has sold her company to other owners, Her Majesty did not understand the details and resolutely broke off any relationship with Rigby & Peller.

Curious details from the royal boudoir

The book, which may well become a bestseller this year, includes interesting details of the cooperation of the royal family with linen manufactory. 82-year-old Mrs. Kenton described without confusion the value of her goods, the features of the tests. All this under the terms of the agreement was not subject to disclosure!

On the pages of the publication readers will find information about the fitting of Princess Margaret, Princess Anna, Lady Diana and the Queen herself. So, according to June, Her Majesty's fitting was often attended by her faithful companions - Corgi dogs. In addition, it became known that the Princess Margaret preferred exclusively bathing suits handmade, and with princes William and Harry in Eton went posters with beauties in a bikini! Their young heirs gave the Princess Diana, so that her boys could easily spend time away from home.

Here's what about his brainchild told The Associated Press June Kenton:

"I can not say that there is something in the book that could cause disgust. I am sad to hear that events develop in this way. You can say that I'm just crushed by what happened. I did not think that before the publication the manuscript of the book had to be shown to its heroes. Of course, what happened did not return. I apologize for everything I could write in my book. Believe me, my act was not intentional. "
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From the press service of the Kensington Palace, no confirmations or denials have been received so far.