Evening dresses for the wedding

The choice of evening dress for the wedding of girlfriends and relatives of the bride pay special attention. However, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and pretty young ladies have to take into account a lot of nuances and subtleties, in order to stand out against the general background, but do not divert attention from the queen of the celebration.

In this article, we will get acquainted with general recommendations for choosing a fashionable and beautiful evening dress for guests for a wedding, and also consider the most successful styles and colors.

Selection rules

The future keeper of the family hearth in a traditional white wedding dress with perfect hair and make-up on this significant day should be the happiest and most beautiful. Therefore, the girlfriends will have to come to terms with this state of affairs and choose not too outrageous and bright outfit. And more precisely, it is better to give up:

Fashion evening dresses for the wedding

Many girls, going to a wedding for a friend, prefer long evening gowns. This is a win-win option for a lady whose growth is above average. For example, elegant and feminine look models in the Empire style or dress without straights with a skirt-year. To this side, you need to choose the right hair and accessories, so that the image turned out harmonious and solemn. As for the color scheme, depending on personal preferences and color appearance, you can choose a dress of pastel shades, as well as golden, silver, green and other not very flashy colors. The guests are categorically contraindicated to wear white long evening dresses for the wedding, so as not to draw attention from the main heroine of the celebration. Also, for a more appropriate case, it is better to hold the "fatal" attire of deep black and red.

As a wedding dress for inviting ladies, the dress-case is beyond competition. You can choose a model decorated with sequins, sequins, lace and draperies. Such decor elements will make the image festive and restrained at the same time.

With a short evening gown should be more careful, because at such an event as a wedding, the line between sexuality and vulgarity is barely perceptible. From a wide range of short models you can choose an outfit in retro style: for example, products with a low waist and fringe or a laconic dress of medium length with a lush skirt.

In addition to the style and color of the evening dress for the wedding, you need to carefully consider the choice of material: an excellent summer version - it's chiffon, guipure, lace, silk: winter - velvet, satin or satin.

Evening dresses for the wedding for mom

Parents are the main guests at the wedding ceremony, so their appearance should be impeccable. The mother of the bride or groom should wear a classic dress-case, or a dress with an inflated waist, in order to hide the protruding belly. The outfit of a mature woman should be laconic and feminine in a calm color scheme. To supplement the image better expensive ornaments from precious metals and precious stones.