Fashionable jeans

Beautiful fashionable jeans - an integral part of the wardrobe of any modern woman. What is interesting - it is women who dictate the tone in the denim fashion, and then the popular styles are adopted by men. And if the men's jeans in most versions still resemble baggy pants, then women are pleased with a much greater variety of models and styles for different taste, color and shape.

What are the fashion jeans now?

The coming season is distinguished by an enchanting mix of retro trends of the end of the last century with modern technological solutions in terms of texture of fabric and original ways of cutting jeans.

For adherents of the classics - straight, with a slightly inflated waist, saturated dark blue color models, which hold the leadership in the nomination "fashionable jeans this year." For them, designers offer a choice of either a thick, non-contrast gradient, or noble tonal prolines.

If you want something more vivid and "characteristic" - the range of choice for the season is not just wide, but almost unlimited:

  1. The most fashionable jeans that can be found in almost any of the collections are narrower models with supposedly random creases in the knee area and tight-fitting fashionable skinny jeans .
  2. An alternative to narrow jeans can also become "motorcycle" pants made of leather-like jeans. Such models either have rubberized knees as fashion accents, or they are annoyed with artificially aged cloth.
  3. Even in the cold season, designers are advised not to abandon the shortened models. Long to the knee, with a high waist and worn over leggings or body tights, these shorts not only look stylish, but also quite practical for cold weather.
  4. At the peak of fashion, jeans in grunge and rock style continue to remain. Traditional holes and cuts with the account of colds are decorated (for example, by diagonal strips of flesh color). Add relevance to fashionable ragged jeans can also be worn under them openwork or mesh pantyhose.

Colors and decor

Putting priorities in this area is now incredibly difficult. If some brands prefer black-gray colors or deep shades of blue, for others - in favorites bright blue, purple, turquoise models. Undoubtedly, fashion models for girls this year remain models with urban colors, watercolor stains, colors under the skin of snakes, with large drawings of "a la graffiti", little eyes, flying birds - just do not count, so what fashionable jeans best underscored Your dignity and reveal your personality - it's up to you.

Jeans for full

A stereotypical opinion, which states that full girls should choose free models, it is difficult to recognize as true to jeans. Much preferable dark jeans, slightly narrower down, from a relatively soft fabric, which will not crumple and deform. A variant of fashionable jeans for full girls can be pants-stretch in combination with a free tunic or a cardigan. From the "cigarettes" or models "in the guise" is better to refuse. There are several small tricks that will help to smooth the flaws of the figure, regardless of the chosen style:

  1. Women with an indistinguishable waist will suit jeans of a male cut extending to the bottom (this visually balances the waist).
  2. If you have wide hips, small or widely placed pockets, they are underlined, so it is better to avoid such things.
  3. With a problematic tummy, choose jeans with a high or medium fit, or with elastic inserts on the abdomen.