Female lofers - 30 photos of fashion models for all occasions

The stylish image of modern women of fashion not only meets the latest trends, but also features such qualities as practicality and confidence. And the main detail in this case is completion, as the basis of a fashionable combination. An excellent choice for today are women's losers - comfortable casual shoes.

Lofer 2018

For the first time this type of footwear began to use British sailors. And the main criterion of choice was a comfortable shape and a flat sole, which is ideal for active work and walks. Later, comfortable models entered the everyday style of men. And in the middle of the 20th century, this male attribute became universal for women. Today, designers experimentally experiment not only with the style and its finish, but also with stylish combinations, where women's loops are used 2018:

  1. In the Kazehal image . Stylish women's accessories look great with comfortable jeans of any style - boyfriends, skins, kleshas and other. As a top you can choose a T-shirt, raglan, knitted sweater or sweatshot.
  2. Romantic combination . Beautifully and effectively, such accessories will be completed by feminine bows with a flying skirt or dress with a fitted tail. As an add-on, you can choose an elegant handbag and a wide-brimmed hat.
  3. Business bow . Considering that fashion footwear refers to the English style, this completion is perfect for an office suit, with both trousers and a skirt. In the business ensemble, you can also use a dress-case of monochrome coloring.
  4. Mixed style . Modern fashion welcomes any experiments. Therefore, the trend solution will be a combination of strict shoes and sporting losin. This option of completion will suit both the fashionable oversize coat, the jeans ensemble and the classic jacket.


The traditional design of comfortable English accessories looks like a form of moccasins. However, unlike the latter, women's shoes-loffers are made of more rigid materials, usually leather. Elegant shoes have an oval cutout of the toe. Often before augmented with a high tongue, but this part is optional. Women's shoes are perfect for everyday wear and informal images on the way out. The original models were presented on a flat course with a soft sole. In modern fashion, designers offer products with a heel, a wedge and even a platform.

Loot boots

Such models have nothing to do with standard shoes. However, this series received such a name due to a more closed top. Unlike shoes, here the edges of the toe reach the ankles with a smooth deflection on the sides. The very shape of the shoes is more rough, which makes it possible to wear such accessories in rainy and slushy weather. Women's fashionable loffers 2018 differ and the sole. In comparison with shoes, the base is thickened and is often supplemented with a tractor topography. Stylish boots are presented both from leather, and suede, velvet and nubuck. The design can be laconic or with a beautiful decor.

Summer lofts

Standard English women's shoes were popular in the early autumn and late spring. In modern fashion , stylish models for the summer season are presented. This option has a lightweight design due to the material or finish. Summer female losers are made from natural textiles, for example, cotton or jute. Another popular option is the model of perforated leather. Fashion accessories can be made from a combination of materials, such as leather and lace. A feature of summer products is a wider form of toe and understated edges.

Fashionable losers

In the last collections designers presented interesting models of different shapes. The main difference is the sock. This part can be rounded, narrowed or sharp. An important decision in choosing a stylish end is the coloring. Due to the color, fashionable female loffers 2018 can act as a bright accent in the image or a laconic addition. In the trend, both single-color solutions and contrast combinations of two or three shades. Let's look at the most popular design ideas:

  1. Pink losers . Fashion trend in the latest collections have become models of gentle pastel color. In the fashion both light and faded tones, close to neutral nude, and bright saturated solutions, which can be combined with metallic luster.
  1. Classic colors . A win-win universal choice for any image will be black or white shoes. But in a one-color color, women's accessories will always be just an addition. To attract attention, stop on a two-color combination of these contrasting hues.
  1. Shades of metals . Fashionable choice is considered gold and silver. In the trend and color solutions with a metallic sheen - candy pink, northern lights, bronze and others.
  1. Prints . Figures and patterns in the coloring of women's shoes are considered a non-standard solution that goes beyond the traditional style. However, the printed design always looks attractive and original.

Loafers with heels

Modern models are presented not only on a flat course , but also with an elegant heel. This kind of pads made fashion accessories even more feminine and attractive. The main advantage of styles on the heel is the accentuation of slender legs and graceful gait. Such shoes perfectly complement the elegant business bow, romantic image or will be an excellent completion of a mixed combination for every day. A variety of products differ in shape and height of the heel itself. Let's see the most up-to-date women's shoes:

  1. On high heels . Effectively and stylishly look products with high shoe, which can be up to 12 centimeters. However, the main difference is always a broad, stable form.,
  1. On a wide horseshoe . A universal choice for everyday wear and work was steel products with a small heel height of 2 to 5 centimeters. Accessories with a wide horseshoe perfect fit high fashionista.
  1. In combination with the platform . Fashion trend of recent seasons are models on the heel and platform. The height of the shoe can be from 5 to 12 centimeters. A low variant is often supplemented with a tractor sole.

Lofts on the platform

Fashion with a high thick sole is perfect for rainy weather. Women's losers on the platform correspond to the latest trends of fashionable style, although they differ from the traditional design on an even soft sole. Models with tractor terrain are considered to be a stylish choice. Such a completion looks cumbersome, but always attracts attention. In the trend of the product on an even platform and with the transition to a wedge, which looks more feminine. It is important to remember that the upper part of the image should be tight or shortened cut - leggings, skirt, trousers 7/8.

Suede Lolfer

If your basic style meets the feminine romantic direction, then the actual solution for you will be beautiful suede shoes. Female suede losers look neat and emphasize neatness. This option is presented both on a flat move, and on a heel. Designers offer stylish products in bright and restrained colors. Such a wide assortment will help to choose a stylish ending for a catchy everyday bow or for a laconic business suit . A fashionable solution is suede models, combined with leather or lacquer inserts.

Varnish lorers

Products from patent leather always look elegant and attractive. A beautiful shine of the material will add a touch of refinement even to the most modest image. The most popular are female lacquer lacquers of black color. However, designers offer more bright and saturated models in red, blue, pink and other fashionable shades. To make your choice highlight the originality and style, pay attention to shoes with embossed patterns under the skin of reptiles. But the smooth texture of the patent leather remains in the trend and looks more refined.

Loffers with fur

Such fashionable and comfortable shoes in the English style became a popular solution for cold weather. In this case, designers offer styles that are warmed with fur. However, it is worthwhile to understand that due to the understated shape of the toe, warm accessories are not suitable for snow and wet weather. But in the dry period of late autumn and early winter, this choice will help emphasize your creativity and uncommonness. Women's black losers with contrasting fur are considered a fashion trend. Fur trim can also perform a stylish decor in the form of pompons or inserts.

Loffers with a bow

Elegant elegant accessories are presented not only in a laconic design, but also with an original finish. One of the most popular solutions are bows. Such decor decorates the products on the toe. Especially popular are models of a narrowed form. Bows can be contrasting or of the same color as the base. Accessories in pastel colors are considered a fashionable choice - pink, lilac, mint, beige loffers. In the trend, a neat little form or a cumbersome bow that will always attract attention.

Lorers with brushes

A distinctive feature of traditional English shoes is the decor in the form of two coquettish brushes. Often such an addition is combined with an interesting fringe on an elongated tab. This kind of decor is decorated with women's leather losers as well as suede products . Beautiful brushes always add a touch of romance and femininity to the image. However, this design will perfectly fit into strict business combinations with trouser suit or dress-case.