Hairstyles with flowers

Flowers have always been associated with beauty, good and all the beautiful things that are on earth. This gave rise to many comparisons, for example: "children are flowers of life", "beautiful as a flower" and others. And today's fashion for femininity and beauty, of course, could not do without the main symbol of beauty - flowers. Today they decorate clothes in the form of prints or brooches, shoes, bags, and, of course, hair.

If earlier to put a flower in the hair was relevant only for a wedding or other solemn event, today hairdos with flowers can be safely worn in everyday life, not being afraid to be called an eccentric.

Hairstyle with flowers in your hair - what to do?

A hairstyle with a flower on its side is the simplest and most romantic option. This is easy to do if the flower is artificial in the form of a hair clip . In this case, it is necessary to slightly lift the side strand with the barrette.

A more complex option is to decorate the flower with a bun. Such a hairstyle looks solemn and elegant, and her idea is often used for the image of the bride. To make such a hairstyle, it is enough to form a bun, and then on the side to protect the hair with a hairpin with a flower.

Flowers can also decorate today's popular braids. If you make a circular braid, and decorate it on the side with invisibility with small field flowers, then this image will look natural and tender.

Hairstyles with fresh flowers - "for" and "against"

What flowers to choose for hair - living or artificial - the question is not easy. On the one hand, natural flowers look natural and give the hairdo an originality, but on the other hand, they quickly fade and are difficult to attach to the hair.

Live flowers can be attached with the help of an invisible: take a thin twig of a flower, the length of which should be about 5 cm. Then pass the stem into the invisible and fix in the hair. For better strength, use one more invisibility.

Hairstyles with a rim of flowers

Flower rims are the easiest way to decorate your hair with flowers. Just pick up the bezel, slightly twist the hair to make it look bigger (since the bezel is also bulky, the thin and thin hair will look unattractive on its background), and then you can put it on. To make the hairstyle more interesting, twist the braid, and put on the rim - a thin, barely discernible behind the rest of the locks of hair, or a scythe that collects all the hair.