Household soap from acne

Even a long time ago our grandmothers actively used household soap not only for washing, but also for medicinal purposes. One such application is the treatment of acne with household soap. Then only people's means were at hand, and nobody wanted to seek help from chemistry. To date, this soap is widely used for various purposes. Cosmetology is not an exception. Household soap helps to effectively remove inflammation of the skin, thereby disinfecting and cleaning it. Many dermatologists, in the presence of a skin problem, recommend washing their laundry soap at least twice a week.

Laundry soap for face

Many complain that when using soap, the skin dries and flakes. This phenomenon is quite natural, since after using soap, an alkaline environment is created on the skin that helps to kill bacteria. Along with water, alkali rinses the entire fatty base of the face, while drying the skin. On the one hand, this is good, since microbes can not live in such an environment. But, on the other hand, dry skin of the face is an occasion for additional care. In such situations, often resort to the means for moisturizing and nourishing, using them after applying soap.

You can use the following mask with laundry soap:

  1. It is necessary to grate a bit of laundry soap.
  2. The chips are diluted with warm water and brought to a foam.
  3. A teaspoonful of thick foam is mixed with a teaspoon of table salt and applied to the face.
  4. The mask is left for about 20 minutes and rinsed, after which it is possible to lubricate the face with a cream to avoid drying out the skin.

This mask is suitable for those who are more tolerant of skin degreasing.

Is it possible to wash with soap?

This soap eliminates inflammation on the skin, due to the fact that it breaks down fats. Pimple is a cork of skin fat, and when it is excessive, rashes form. Such phenomena block the access of air and prevent the natural metabolism of the skin follicle. Household soap just eliminates such plugs and flushes fat, so after washing the sebaceous glands begin to work normally. After a hygienic procedure, the pimple should not be squeezed out, as mechanical damage to the follicle can lead to repeated infection, as a result, new rashes appear. In this case, a significant disadvantage of such a safe treatment of acne is the drying of the skin. Dermatologists recommend washing not the whole face, but applying foam precisely to inflammation. To wash the face completely it is possible only once a week, then to grease a skin with a night cream. You can use a regular baby cream. Thus, the useful properties of laundry soap will be significantly visible, and the skin will not suffer from dryness and peeling.

The use of household soap against acne really helps, but does not have a healing effect on the cause occurrence of rashes. Permanent hygiene of the face and careful skin care will not solve the problem of permanent appearance of acne. Here, a global examination is needed to identify the true problems of the occurrence of rashes and appropriate treatment. Most often, pimples appear against the background of hormonal failure, or because of improper metabolism. If you do not get treatment in time, but only resort to various cosmetics, then rashes will appear again and again, and the skin from this only suffers. You can wash your face with soap, but the cause of the rash will still remain, respectively, the final result without special treatment will not be.