How to have sex for the first time?

In the life of each girl there comes a period when she realizes that it's time to part with her innocence and enter into a new, adult life. In this regard, usually there are a lot of fears and questions, in which we will try to understand.

Correct first sex

Before you have sex for the first time, it is important to determine if you have a conscious desire. And the desire is own, sincere, not based on someone else's opinion or someone's conditions. It is necessary to have sex only if you have come to this yourself, if you are mature and ready for it. Do not take for your own desire such factors:

  1. My boyfriend demands it. Guys sometimes tend to set conditions - or we will have sex, or we disagree. However, if this person really loved you, he would have waited calmly for your moral preparedness, and not pressed on you.
  2. All my friends have long started having sex. You need to think with your head, not someone else's. If something is done by everyone, this does not mean that it will suit you. If you have any fears and fears, do not rely solely on someone else's opinion in making such serious decisions.
  3. It seems to me that I will become more adult from this. The opinion that if you change the nature or degree of maturity after that, it is a delusion. All this is very indirectly related to the onset of sexual activity.

Analyze your feelings. Only if you really trust your partner and want him to be your first man, it's worth taking such a step. This is simply explained: the fact is that girls are very attached to the man with whom they have their first time. And if the guy is not yet ready for a relationship and started them just for one particular purpose, then after the first sex he can disappear and leave you with a bitter disappointment.

How to have first sex?

If before you have sex for the first time, you have weighed everything and realized that this decision you take yourself and deliberately, then you can start preparing for such an important event.

Choose the right time and place

Needless to say that it is better to organize the first sex at home than anywhere in the countryside or in the car? Firstly, it's hygienic, secondly, you can choose a time when you will not be disturbed, thirdly, you have a bathroom nearby, which is important. Perhaps in the future it will be interesting for you to learn unusual places, but to start better with the familiar environment for you.

Create a relaxed atmosphere

It's best to watch a romantic film together, or talk to pleasant, sensual music. The question of whether or not to drink alcohol is quite twofold. On the one hand, you will become bolder, on the other, your partner may not so well control himself. In general, even if you decide to connect alcohol, then let it be just a glass of wine.

Discuss everything with your partner

Agree that he will listen to you, stop if you are hurt. Discuss the whole process so that you imagine it well, including what will be the pose (by the way, recommend the classical one). In addition, do not forget about safety: now your genitals are sterile, and penetration without a condom can lead to undesirable consequences.

Morally prepare for what might be hurting

You do not need to think it's a hell of a pain or something. Since you trust your partner, rest assured that it will not harm you, and it will stop if you are uncomfortable. A little patient still have to. In addition, note that some girls during the first contact because of hysterectomy hymen appears blood. It is not necessary to be afraid of this, but it is necessary and to provide this in advance, having provided everything necessary. The first patient sex can leave unpleasant impressions, therefore do not suffer through force, and speak, when you need to rest.

Nothing wrong with that. The main thing is to prepare for sex, and the night will pass for you without any negative impressions.