The photographer has found profiles in the VC of random metro passengers!

You are being watched, and this is not the slogan of another American blockbuster! Photographer from St. Petersburg, 21-year-old Yegor Tsvetkov in fact proved that active life in social networks makes us not only more open, but also vulnerable.

And the results of his experiment "Your Face is Big Data" amaze!

The girl in the metro and her photo from the profile in VC.

The matter is that for six weeks Egor photographed casual passengers of the underground. And for completeness of the experiment, 100 people got into his lens. Then the guy uploaded the footage to the face recognition service from the photo - FindFace (which can be downloaded and installed by any Internet user!), Which fulfilled its direct purpose - found profiles of individuals from the captured photos in the social network VK!

The photographer claims that the software scanned more than 55 million users of Russia's largest social network and profiles of 70% of his "source material" were found and identified!

"I just took pictures of people sitting in front of me in the subway car, and then I looked for their profiles in the social network using public software. And after a couple of seconds I knew a lot about the life of a person, not entering into personal contact with him! "

But the main thing is what we want to appear and what people we should know in social networks, judging by the pictures taken in the photo albums, it differs significantly from how we look in real life!

Random heroes of the project.

Egor managed to "identify" 70% of people from his photo experiment!

"The project-experiment" Your Face is Big Data "is a graphic illustration of the future that awaits us if we continue to tell as much about ourselves on the Internet as we do now," comments Yegor Tsvetkov. "But still, it's great that for a couple of seconds of anonymous search an impersonal object suddenly becomes a close acquaintance! "

Well, do you confess that your photo was not in "Your Face is Big Data"?