Jewelery from silver

It is known that the first silver jewelry of the author's work was made about six thousand years ago. At that time, this metal was valued more than gold and only the wealthy people and representatives of power could afford the author's jewelry from silver. Initially, these were beads, buttons, pendants, and later jewelers learned to encrust jewelry with precious stones and combine it with other metals.

In Russia, silver became popular in the time of Carl Faberge (18-19 century), who created the legendary collection of Faberge eggs. It was then that the technique of processing silver was maximally refined, and unusual ornaments with ornate lines and noble cold shine were valued incredibly expensive. In the 20th century, the latest technologies for processing precious metals made silver jewelry affordable, and the price more democratic.

Types of jewelry from silver

The noble shine of silver emphasizes the elegant and aristocratic style of the girl, under one condition - if not too many. Some individuals are bribed by the availability of jewelry from silver, and they literally envelop themselves with chains, bracelets and rings. In fact, this is a sign of bad taste, since everything, including ornaments, requires moderation.

Here are some of the most popular silver jewelry:

  1. Silver jewelry with enamel. Such accessories can be considered works of art, as they represent a complete artistic image. Bright colored enamel is used for coloring flower compositions on rings and earrings, as well as for depicting abstract ornaments. Jewelry made of silver with enamel fit cheerful and self-assured girls.
  2. Jewelry made of turquoise in silver. Noble metal and bright mineral perfectly complement each other. Despite the rich turquoise color of the product can be worn with almost every outfit and not be afraid that the image will be too provocative. In addition, accessories with turquoise will be an excellent present for the wooden and steel anniversary of the wedding.
  3. Silver jewelry with stones. Here you can use both precious stones of higher quality, and budgetary ornamental stones. In the rulers of luxury jewelry, inserts made of pomegranate, zircon, topaz are used. Jewelery silver with natural stones is more affordable at a price compared to gold products, so they can afford many fashionistas.

When choosing an ornament, a country plays a big role. Today Italian jewelry is very much appreciated. Skillful jewelers surprisingly combine virtuosic technique of execution with an unusual design of products. Italian jewelry brands such as Morini, Liberali, Cavaliere, Exclusive and Magie are especially popular. In brand jewelery often experiment with inserts and use a cat's eye, colored quartz, amethyst and pearls.

Do not ignore the famous Danish jewelry brand Pandora, which is famous for its decorations. Many manufacturers offer jewelry in a silver-style pandora, consisting of many interesting elements and details.

Jewelry made of silver with gilding

This is a separate category of jewelry, which should be given special attention. Very often when making accessories from silver it is required to add a little yellow shade, which accentuates attention to a certain detail. To not increase the cost of jewelry jewelers use gilding. Gold-plated silver ornaments are presented in religious subjects (crosses, icons) and ordinary products (pendants, brooches, rings).