Can I give my mother green tea?

It is known that breast milk is the most optimal food for newborns. On its composition affects the diet of a nursing woman, so young parents should pay attention to her menu. After all, some foods can cause negative reactions in the baby. But the importance is not only food, but also drink, which is consumed by a woman. Someone raises the question of whether it is possible for the nursing mother to have green tea. Caring parents are worried if this delicious drink will not hurt the baby. It will be interesting to understand this.

Is it possible to nurse green tea?

To draw any conclusions on this issue, you need to consider what the properties of the drink. He has several merits, which should be learned:

From this we can conclude that green tea for nursing mothers is useful and its use is not contraindicated.

Sometimes it is recommended to add milk to the drink in order to initiate breastfeeding. But the tea itself does not affect lactation. It, like other warm drinks, promotes the expansion of milk ducts, due to which the allocation of milk is enhanced.

But it is important that there is caffeine in the formula, which can cause trouble to the crumbs. Therefore, green tea for nursing mothers should be drunk in limited quantities (up to 3 cups). If you suddenly noticed that the baby is not sleeping well, it is worth trying to abandon this drink. Alternative can be white tea. It contains less caffeine and also has useful properties, but is just less popular.

Therefore, the answer to the question whether it is possible to drink green tea to a nursing mother, depends on many factors. A woman can consume it, but at the same time should carefully monitor the condition of the baby. But as soon as there are any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact a local doctor, a visiting nurse. They will be able to consult and give the necessary explanations.