Kathy Holmes and Jamie Fox together celebrated the 50th birthday of the actor

Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox finally came out of the underground! December 13, the actress came to congratulate his beloved man on his birthday.

My best gift ...

After 38-year-old Katie Holmes visited the opening of Jamie Fox's Prive Revaux store, which took place in early December, the fans had no doubt that they would see her face at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Oscar-winning actor.

Jamie Foxx with birthday cake

A party for friends, colleagues and loved ones Fox was held Wednesday night in the nightclub Highlight Room in Hollywood. In the network there were photos made furtively inside the institution, on them the birthday boy and his darling chatted, flirting and laughing, getting pleasure from communication and what was happening around.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox at the celebration of his 50th birthday

As other guests of the party reported, Holmes and Fox did not kiss in public, but behaved like a couple, not parting for a second and constantly trying to touch each other.

Continuation of the evening

After the holiday for everyone, Cathy and Jamie together went to a romantic dinner. Paparazzi captured the lovers, who, meaninglessly hiding their faces, left the club in one car.

Kathy and Jamie are leaving the party

Holmes and Fox hid their romance for more than four years because of the actress's contract with ex-husband Tom Cruise, according to which she could not meet with anyone publicly for five years after their divorce. If Cathy had violated this point, she had to return 10 million dollars, which her ex-husband paid her.

Kathy Holmes, Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise in 2011
Wedding Katie Holm and Tom Cruise in November 2006 in Italy
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By the way, the network is actively discussing rumors about the pregnancy Holmes from Fox, the confirmation of which is not yet available.