Litical mixture for children

The lytic mixture is used widely enough to reduce the temperature. Nevertheless, many parents do not know what it is and what is the advantage of the mixture over the usual antipyretic agents.

Recipe for a lytic mixture for children

It has long been known that analgin is an excellent antipyretic drug, but only in combination with papaverine and diphenhydramine. In this case, administer the drug better intramuscularly, to improve the efficiency. The most common composition of the mixture includes 50% analgin, 1% diphenhydramine and 0.1% papaverine. The dosage of the lytic mixture for children depends entirely on age. For one year of the life of the child take 0.1 ml of the mixture. Note that it is not recommended to use the lytic mixture more than once every six hours.

The composition of the lytic mixture for children can bring down the temperature very quickly. The positive effect comes just fifteen minutes after the injection. Before using the drug, be sure to check if the child has an allergic reaction to one of the components. For this, drip the remedy under the lower eyelid of the sick child. If there is redness and scarring, the use of a lytic mixture is unacceptable.

You can prepare a lytic mixture for children from drugs in tablets. For this, the tablets are powdered and mixed in the specified proportion. However, the mixture taken orally does not have such a pronounced positive effect. The composition of the lytic mixture for children can vary. The temperature of the medicine, prepared from the same amount of analgin and dimedrol, is excellent.

In order not to get lost in extreme conditions, you should constantly keep at home several ampules of analgin, papaverine hydrochloride and diphenhydramine. Injection of the mixture is most conveniently done with a disposable syringe, 5 ml, which does not require additional sanitization. The child is injected into the gluteus muscle. It should be remembered that the lytic mixture is a very strong drug, therefore, its use must be coordinated with the pediatrician.

When is the application of the lytic mixture shown?

Sometimes, the high temperature of the child leads the parents into a state of panic. They grab for any available remedy to reduce the fever. However, without taking into account possible contraindications. It is for such cases, and the lytic mixture is intended. Liptic injection, most often, it is recommended to perform when a little man is sick with flu.

An increase in the body's overall temperature is a sign of the body's struggle with the infection. If the slightest increase in temperature, coughing and sneezing uncontrolled use of the mixture, you can disrupt immunity and, thus, provoke frequent colds. In addition, with real need, the lytic mixture will not have an effect that parents count on. This is an emergency drug, designed to provide emergency care, rather than for regular use.

When there are indications to perform an injected mixture, do not try to lower the temperature to normal. It is much more preferable to stop at 37.5 - 38 degrees. In this case, the body mobilizes protective properties for the fight, and the disease will pass much faster.

Lipid prick must be performed with mandatory observance of antiseptic rules. Inadequate injection with violation of sanitation can lead to the development of abscess and suppuration of the subcutaneous muscle layer.