The Ljubljanica River divides the capital of Slovenia into two parts, winding its bends around the city. In the old days, the cities were erected as close as possible to the water, which promoted good trade and gave food. Ljubljanica also gave the name to the capital of the country. It stretches for 41 km across Slovenia , 20 km of the total length fall on the karst caves.

What is interesting Ljubljanica?

Ljubljanica falls into Sava, it occurs 10 km from the capital. For tourists, the most interesting is the embankment of the river, as well as the automobile bridge of the Dragons . The latter is one of the most recognizable sights of Ljubljana . This is not the last bridge across the river - there are also Triple , Bumblebee and Shoemakers .

In addition to walks along the river, tourists can drink refreshing drinks and enjoy a dessert at the numerous cafes. There are institutions for one or two tables, located almost at the very edge of the water. Ljubljanica is a calm river, along which small boats and ships run. The fare is approximately 8 € per hour, in 30 minutes - half as much.

You do not have to pay for a walk on the river tram separately, if you purchased a tourist ticket. From it a good view opens up to the Triple Bridge , photos of which will decorate the album. Tourists try to memorize and other local species, as it is very interesting to observe how the old and new part of the city adjoins.

It's not Sena, but there's still some charm on the river, so many couples in love are photographed against its background. Ljubljanica is an "arena" for those residents of the city who are engaged in water sports.

Lucky tourists can see otters that live in the river. The shores of the Ljubljanica are framed by green plantations and became an abode for different living creatures. In addition to otters, here are found nutria, wild ducks and white swans. What is especially touching is their lack of fear of people. To feed them is strictly forbidden - just admire!

If you want, you can buy a ticket for the excursion boat and combine the useful with the pleasant, see the city on the new side and learn a lot about it. A walk along the Ljubljanica River will give a lot of positive emotions, will provide an opportunity to see the old buildings from a new angle.

How to get there?

The river Ljubljanica stretches along the whole city, so tourists can go up to it and admire in many places. Tickets for the boat are sold on the Butcher Bridge, there are also boats that depart from the Bridge of Lovers.