Perfume Jimmy Chu - the best female fragrances from the famous trendsetter

For the first time the spirits of Jimmy Chu were released in 2011 and since then they have won a huge number of fans. According to experts in the world of perfumery, the flavors of this brand are primarily intended for young ladies, although adult women find among them options for themselves.

Spirits of Jimmy Chu 2018

The new fragrance season for Jimmy Choo brand was marked by the appearance of a new edition of its floral fragrance, which is known for several years. Jimmy Choo Blossom 2018 belongs to the group of floral fruit, his composition is built on a delicate fragrance of plumeria and the sharp smells of exotic fruits. Unlike the editions of previous seasons, this year the brand specialists presented the essence of a more juicy, than before, pink-orange shade with a more pronounced flavor.

Women's perfume Jimmy Choo

The magnificent spirits of Jimmy Choo are famous for their sensuality , refinement and originality. Specialists of the brand offer predominantly women's perfumes, as their goal is to create a perfume for capturing, seducing and attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Perfume Jimmy Choo easily copes with the task assigned to him, almost no man can calmly pass miles of women with a similar scent.

Jimmy Choo Blossom

Already from the first seconds, the spirits of Jimmy Choo Blossom create around their owner a unique atmosphere of calm and harmony. At the same time, they can not be called boring, quite the contrary; on the contrary, they add a touch of positive and emphasize the feminine charm of the mistress. The spirits of Jimmy Choo Blossom are very bright, but not the most persistent exotic scent, and after themselves leave a delightful plait of sandalwood.

Jimmy Choo Flash

Women's perfumes Jimmy Choo Flash are cult, because they exist in the assortment of the brand for more than 5 years, however, their popularity is growing every year. For many girls, the perfume of this brand is associated exclusively with these spirits, as they embody all the principles of their creators - youth, femininity, cheerfulness and positive.

Perfume Jimmy Choo Flash is designed for young ladies who like to try something new and experiment with creating bright and stylish images . The composition of this type of perfume has a multifaceted bouquet in which notes of jasmine and white lily are especially clearly heard. In addition, piquancy to these spirits gives an unusual pink pepper.

Jimmy Choo Illicit

Although all the perfumes of the brand Jimmy Chu are mostly floral, perfumers try to dilute them with other notes, giving each flavor a piquancy and originality. So, perfume Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower is supplemented by bright refreshing citrus notes, which embody female charm and incredible sexuality.

These spirits Jimmy Chu are created especially for romantic and elegant girls who do not think their life without feminine dresses and high heels. Like all other perfumes of this brand, Illicit leaves behind an extraordinarily delicate noble train consisting of notes of sandalwood, amber and honey.

Jimmy Choo Exotic

All the aromas of Jimmy Chu are distinguished by brightness and extraordinary expressiveness, however, none of them can compete on the intensity level with the unique Exotic. His extraordinary composition was created especially for courageous, self-confident creative ladies who like to be in the spotlight.

Jimmy Choo Exotic is recommended to get all young, cheerful and shocking natures, which is very important to demonstrate to others their own personality. It perfectly combines with youth images, all sorts of asymmetry, colorful prints and other similar details.

Jimmy Choo Intense

Intense is the male fragrance of Jimmy Choo, capable of making a strong impression on others. Although this option is intended exclusively for members of the stronger sex and does not apply to the style of unisex, it is often chosen by older ladies. This perfume sounds very elegant and noble, it is perfect for a business meeting or a solemn event.

The charm and charm of this perfume is explained by the presence in it of very bright notes, which are surprisingly combined with each other, and fresh spices. So, sweet fruit motifs - melon and mandarin - echo here with a gentle fragrance of lavender and artemisia and tart patchouli. Many young ladies note that after using these spirits leave no less interesting plume.

Jimmy Choo L eau

Perfume Jimmy Choo L eau gives its owner incredible sexuality . This fruit-floral fragrance from the first breath excites unreal emotions and casts thoughts about the beautiful. Most women associate this perfume with love, tenderness and unique romanticism - it is ideal for dating and getting to know young people.

Eau de toilette Jimmy Choo

Easy Jimmy Chu Eau De Toilette Water is the ideal choice for daily use. It can be used during holidays, active recreation, sports and other activities. The concentration of aromatic substances in this product is no more than 7-10 percent in 80-85 percent alcohol, so its aroma lasts not very long and requires frequent renewal. Meanwhile, this defect is compensated by a very affordable price, and, for girls who like to change their image often, it can generally become a virtue.

In the toilet water of Jimmy Chu, the upper notes are particularly bright, in which the floral motifs predominate. For this reason, it best finds its place in a hot climate, and in the cold season it is better to replace it with other flavors. Flawed notes in this product are felt very little, and usually by the time of their appearance the woman is already updating her perfume.

Perfume Jimmy Chu - how to distinguish a fake?

Every girl that attracts perfume Jimmy Choo, expects to get a real vial, and not a cheap fake, which only slightly resembles the original product by smell, but is completely incomparable with it in quality. In order not to be disappointed in the purchase, it is useful to take into account the following recommendations and distinctive characteristics:

Composition of perfume Jimmy Choo

The official website of the manufacturer provides a detailed description of the Jimmy Chu flavor for each of the existing species. Comparing the composition of the perfume of different directions, we can conclude that the main share in all flavors is occupied by floral notes - orchids, jasmine, roses and other plants. According to the perfumers of the brand, floral scents are much better than others reveal the true femininity and charm of the fair sex.

Meanwhile, all types of perfume from Jimmy Chu are completely different, which is explained by the bright and attractive notes of the upper, middle and daisy-layer in each of them. Piquancy to such flavors can give notes of citrus or bergamot, freshness and lightness - delightful subtle notes of Indonesian patchouli.

How much are the perfume of Jimmy Chu?

Perfume Jimmy Chu is sold at a very affordable price, so you can buy a bottle of your favorite fragrance for yourself or as a gift, almost every representative of the fair sex. So, in branded boutiques and on the official website of the manufacturer, a small capacity of 40 ml can be purchased for about 50 conventional units, a 60-ml bottle for 70-75 cu, and a large 100 ml capacity package - for 100 conventional units or a little expensive.

It should be noted that perfume shops around the world, and especially on the Internet, offer much cheaper options, which are synthetic analogs of the original. Buying a similar product, you can only get to know its flavor and understand whether it suits you or not, but count on Jimmy Chu's unsurpassed quality categorically not worth it.