Plasma Lifting for Hair

Cellular rejuvenation is a promising line of modern medicine. Scientists are sure that in the next 100 years, plasmolifting will become widely popular, and its capabilities will expand significantly.

Do I need to rejuvenate my hair?

Problems with hair today worry many people - bad ecology, solar activity and constant stress, lead to the fact that people lose hair - they are thinner, drop out, and follicles cease to be active.

This leads not only to the aesthetic, but also to the psychological problem. If a man's smoothly shaven head can talk about a certain style, then a woman with such a "hairdo" is far from the standard of beauty.

Therefore, ladies make every effort to wake the hair follicles and restore the density. Earlier, follicles could be activated with the help of various masks and near-medical procedures - acupuncture, head massage , laser activation of follicle growth, but gradually they proved little effective.

Today in the arsenal of physicians there is a way that really restores hair growth - it is plasma lift. This is a serious procedure that requires high qualification, a lot of these blood tests, but the result, according to many people who have done plasma lift, is worth the effort and its price.

Plasmolifting of the scalp - what is the principle of the procedure?

The basis of plasmolifting is the main material, which is used to perform the procedure - plasma blood. It contains cells that can promote the activation of follicles, and therefore this procedure is called cellular hair restoration.

Today there are two methods of plasmolifting - Swiss and Russian.

In the Swiss plazmolifting live platelets are preserved. They activate metabolic processes and promote tissue regeneration.

In plasmolifting, the blood of a person who intends to carry out the procedure is used, and therefore various risk factors that exist in procedures where foreign (purified) blood is used are excluded.

Thus, each preparation for plasmolifting is purely individual for humans, since it is developed on the basis of its blood, which is placed in a centrifuge and a plasma is produced.

Plasmolifting of the head is the result of the procedure

The results of plasmolifting for hair are impressive: abundant hair loss stops, and on the site of thinning hair grow new, gun, which subsequently become sturdy hair.

In general, the procedure has a rejuvenating and healing effect on the scalp: collagen is actively produced, the vascular wall is restored (which is needed to nourish the roots of the hair and maintain the life of the follicle), and the stem cells of the body are activated, which according to modern concepts contain the secret of a person's youth.

Conduction of plasmolifting of the scalp

The procedure of plasmolifting takes about 45 minutes - the microdoses of the finished injection are dosed into the scalp.

In total it is necessary to spend from 3 to 6 procedures - depending on how much the process of hair loss is started.

Before the patient passes the examination, and also donates blood to confirm the absence of contraindications to the conduct.

Plasmolifting for hair - contraindications

Plasmolifting is forbidden for people with blood diseases, autoimmune diseases, tumoral formations, allergic reactions in the acute phase, as well as for allergic reactions to acto-coagulants.

It is not recommended to perform plasmolifting and those people who have an immunosupressive state, as well as mental disorders. Pregnancy and lactation also prohibit plasmolifting.