Pregnancy during pregnancy

Gestosis is a complication in pregnancy, characterized by a disruption in the functioning of a number of organs and body systems. Conditionally share the early and late form of gestosis. The early gestosis of pregnant women is called notorious toxicosis, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Late gestosis of pregnant women occurs approximately from 20 weeks.

Gestosis is conditionally divided into pure and combined forms. The first arises in absolutely healthy expectant mothers. More frequent combined form occurs against the background of an existing or treated disease: pyelonephritis, hepatitis, disorders of the thyroid and pancreas, adrenal glands, etc. Gestosis is dangerous not only for the woman herself - when this condition develops, phyto-placental insufficiency develops, as a result of which the fetus suffers from a lack of oxygen and nutrients. If a woman has a second pregnancy, the gestosis may return if the disease started in the early stages of pregnancy and was severe.

Symptoms of gestosis of pregnant women

You can recognize gestosis by the following signs:

  1. At the future mother there are strong edemas, more often on legs or foots. The woman will not be able to put on her shoes, she will hardly bend her fingers. This is due to the fact that in the placenta there are substances that disrupt the blood vessels. In the tissue, plasma protein and liquid seeps, so there is swelling.
  2. Because of the swelling in the woman in the position, excess weight suddenly appears.
  3. The main signs of gestosis in pregnancy include the appearance of protein in the urine. Over time, blood vessels in the kidneys are violated, and a valuable protein from the blood enters the urine.
  4. Because of the loss of fluid, the body of the expectant mother needs high blood pressure for even distribution throughout the body.
  5. If the gestosis is not recognized in time, the swelling will intensify. Not only internal organs swell, but also the placenta. There will be new symptoms in the form of headaches, drowsiness, flies in the eyes. This condition is called pre-eclampsia. The appearance of seizures is called eclampsia, accompanied by complications in the form of stroke, kidney failure, etc.

Pregnancy Pregnancy - treatment

Diagnosis of this pathology is mainly due to the frequent general analysis of urine, in which a protein is detected, monitoring the weight and pressure of the expectant mother.

With mild forms for the treatment of gestosis during pregnancy, sufficient control over the patient's condition is sufficient. This will prevent the pathology. With more complex forms of the disease, the patient will be offered to go to the hospital, from which it is better not to refuse. With gestosis of the second half of pregnancy treatment is reduced to such procedures and activities:

The duration of the hospital depends on the severity of gestosis and usually lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

Preventive maintenance of gestosis in pregnant women

Unfortunately, nobody is insured against gestosis. But you can not prevent the flow into a more complex form. For this, it is recommended that pregnant women reduce the intake of salt and salty foods. In the diet of expectant mothers, foods with high protein content should predominate. A woman needs daily walks in the fresh air to improve blood supply. Future mothers should not miss visits to the gynecologist and the delivery of tests - this will identify gestosis and prevent dangerous consequences for both the mother and the fetus. By the way, if a woman has a second pregnancy after gestosis, the disease proceeds in mild form or does not appear at all.