Skirts - autumn-winter 2015-2016

Despite the fact that in fashion, men's style , and most modern women of the fair sex lead an active lifestyle, forget about the traditional, feminine wardrobe items still not worth it. No matter how comfortable and comfortable jeans you are, no matter how representative you feel in business trousers and a jacket, the presence of dresses and skirts in the closet is a must for modern women of fashion. On the latter we propose to talk, or rather, to discuss the most fashionable autumn-winter skirts 2015-2015.

The skirt is capable of becoming a real wand for women. After all, when you need to create a romantic, feminine and elegant image, she comes to our rescue. For today, the choice of skirts is so wide and varied that it is not difficult to select a model that perfectly emphasizes the beauty of a particular figure. Well, if your skirt to everything also corresponds to the latest trends of the season, then be sure, your appearance is simply stunning.

Skirts in the floor - autumn-winter 2015-2016

The length in the floor is the most practical choice for cold weather. In addition to the desire to look beautiful, you should not forget about comfort and health. So, long models perfectly cope with the task of protection against frost, if they, of course, are made of sufficiently dense materials.

Among the most fashionable models offered by designers this season, one can distinguish variants from corduroy and denim, which are perfect even for cold weather.

Designer Vera Wong offered long models of lace, under which you can wear tight leggings or leggings - such skirts allow you to create original and comfortable images.

Midi skirts - autumn-winter 2015-2016

This length has become the most relevant and in demand among designers. Models in the business style, flared and straight skirts, with an even and asymmetrical hem, monochrome and variegated - ideal options for every day, and for the evening out.

Among the most original can be distinguished lush skirts with high waist and ethnic ornament. They can be worn with both shoes and boots with heels. The image with such a skirt is very bright and interesting.

The most exclusive and luxurious steel skirts made of reptile skin, painted in red, green and blue. Such a skirt, paired with shoes on a hairpin, will tell others about the high status of her mistress.

Short skirts - autumn-winter 2015-2016

This season in fashion short pleated skirts , models in a pleat, as well as, straight and in the form of a trapezoid. Basically, the models are sustained in a calm color scheme, but there are variants with the use of color blocking techniques, with embroidery, with a pattern of two contrasting colors.

In this season, short skirts are recommended to be worn with flat-soled boots, if it is a casual image, and with hairpins on a hairpin - for evening dresses.

Materials and skins of skirts - autumn-winter 2015-2016

Basically, for a cold season designers used dense, warm fabrics. Therefore, if you are looking for a warm skirt for autumn-winter 2015-2016, then an excellent choice is provided to you.

The most luxurious became models of velvet classic colors - burgundy, black, dark blue.

Cloth-tartan and tweed material are often found in everyday models of short skirts and midi skirts. Such models are convenient and practical, and also correspond to the tastes of many modern women of fashion.

In many designer collections, you can see the use of two or more textures for skirts. Interesting multi-layered versions, models with odor and asymmetric length this season are offered for lovers of stylish and original things.