Sports swimwear - the best brand models for active fashionistas

Going to the beach, do not forget that along with trend bikinis, swimsuits burst into the world of fashion. And therefore it is not out of place to acquire such beauty. It will come to the taste of those who adore bright colors, clean lines and minimalism style. To date, this is the main trend of beach fashion.

Sports swimwear 2017

Fashionable sports swimwear 2017 - it's interesting models with long sleeves, effective colorblocking, colorful colors, bodysuit, sexy bikini, zippers, retro, wide top and white edging. It's fashionable to look not just tempting, but also sportive. So, last year Victoria's Secret stated that in their beach collections will focus on the smartness of each model. Now more and more popular is gaining a healthy image, life, sports, yoga and other.

Sports swimwear does not have to be a classic color scheme, monophonic, without all sorts of decorative elements, spectacular prints. Pay attention to the colorful creations of Moschino. In the spring-summer collection of 2017, his models turned into paper dolls. The show was crowded with beachwear with trendy accessories, attractive patterns, drawings and bright colors that diversify any outfit. It is also important to note that the fashion world once again grabbed clothes in small black peas.

The summer collection of Tommy Hilfiger was complemented by sports spectacular swimsuits consisting of a color trio: black, white and red. At the peak of popularity printblong - a unique combination of colors and patterns. Here you have a combination of horizontal and vertical stripes, stars and hearts, decorated with a color range of the brand logo. The image is complemented by an elongated bomb and a red choker.

Fashionable swimwear

Women's sports swimsuits can be created in a classic design, without deep decollete in a merged bathing suit or without the effect of ombre, the transition of bright colors from one to another. For example, the Superdry can see sports swimsuits made in Tokyo style (the urban culture of the capital of Japan is a true inspiration for brand designers) with notes of American vintage. Modern clothes - it's easy, minimal decorative elements. These models are filled with a collection of Speedo - in red dress you will be irresistible.

As mentioned above, the world of fashion was filled with tops-bando. The Australian label Rip Curl has created a two-sided model with a striped design and an ombre effect. In addition, the fabric is perfect for swimming. And beautiful sports swimsuits of white color look good not only on slender, but also on charming women of fashion plus-size. A striking proof of this is a textured bikini with golden zippers from Wolf & Whistle.

Fashionable sports swimwear can have a square neckline and a shortened bikini top on adjustable straps (RVCA brand, the design of which is created by modern artists). Do not forget that white became the leader of the spring-summer season. Clothing of this color prevails in the collections of many famous brands. And the French label Pour Moi has decorated the snow-white bikini with a mesh finish.

Sports swimsuit with shorts

Separate sports swimwear with shorts are known for their various styles:

No less popular monokini , sports swimwear with a bodice in the form of an elongated tank top . And they are merged and separate, and such monokini models with swimming trunks are ideally suited for girls with long legs and flawless parameters. Who should not wear such models, so it's fashionable women of low height (shorts visually shorten the legs) and owners of wide hips (they will weight the figure, will focus on its lower part).

Sports swimsuit with shorts
Fashionable swimwear

Sports swimsuit with thongs

Sports separate swimsuits with strings-thongs always look modern and piquant. Wear them advised slender girls with podkachennye buttocks. Who should abandon the idea of ​​wearing a thong, so these are young ladies with appetizing lush forms and fashionable women of slim build with a flat booty. As for the fashion models, ASOS has a black sports swimsuit on the beach, made of eco-cloth. The highlight of the strings is attached to the strings on the sides and finish with eyelets. No less interesting model of royal blue bikini from Minkpink.

Who said that sportswear must necessarily be black or white? Body Glove created the magnificence of the stunning pink. A wide bustier is adorned with a black zipper. And Billabong, a popular youth brand, creating clothes for surfing, offers a stunning eye-catching silver bikini. The black-and-yellow creation from Pistol Panties is a clear example of what sports swimwear-thongs can look elegant. And in beach clothes with a high cut on the thigh from Body Glove The Look it is impossible not to fall in love.

Sports swimsuit with thongs

Swimsuit with sports top

Swimsuit in a sports style with straps tied around the neck, is on the list of trend things of this summer. Hulter can wear young ladies with wide hips and lush breasts (tight straps support the breast well). Who should avoid a swimsuit with such a top, so this is the owner of broad shoulders. Do not forget that on the top of the fashionable Olympus bodice on wide straps. It looks beautiful on girls with small breasts. Incredibly stylish models in minimalistic chic complemented the Calvin Klein bikini collection.

Swimsuit with sports top
Fashionable swimsuit with sports top

Fit sports swimsuits

Sports closed swimsuits are also a one-color beauty with high cuts on the thigh. You play volleyball or simply enjoy the noise of the waves - every girl, being in a sports swimsuit, can look attractive and feminine. YAS has created beachwear, decorated with a print of birds, and Calvin Klein - a bathing suit of restrained design and with an open back. And in a swimsuit with a metallic effect from Monki will be irresistible. Sports trend swimwear from Weekday and All About Eve Bahama will help you feel yourself in the center of attention.

Fit sports swimsuits
Sports indoor swimsuits

Branded sports swimsuits

Stylish sports swimwear from famous brands is always high-quality clothing, made according to the latest fashion trends. For example, every season the Australian label Roxy creates clothes for those who are crazy about surfing, kiting and wakeboarding. His clothes are designed for confident, fun, girls who do not sit still. And Mad Wave creates swimsuits not only for professional swimmers, but also for those who want to look sporty stylish.

Branded sports swimsuits
Branded sports swimwear

Sports swimwear "Adidas"

Sports swimwear Adidas are sewn using nanotechnology Teflon. Due to this, a very dense protective layer is created around the fabric fibers. Teflon coating not only protects against dirt, stains, but also reduces the friction of water. If you see the sign Infinitex on the purchased product, know that it is not afraid of chlorinated pool water. At the heart of this technology is high-quality Lycra fiber, which is very soft to the touch. Such products are famous for their durability.

Stylish sports swimwear Adidas
Branded sports swimwear Adidas

Sports swimwear "Reebok"

Sports swimwear Reebok - is the quality and style in one bottle. Each model is proof that this world-famous sports brand is able to combine fashion and functionality. The design of all swimsuits is made in a minimalist style. One can not but rejoice at the harmonious combination of colors, modern styles and application of nanotechnology in the creation of sports swimsuits.

Fashionable swimwear Reebok
Sports swimwear Reebok

Sports swimsuit "Nike"

Earlier it was mentioned that a white sports swimsuit won the palm of first place in fashion shows, but Nike is not afraid to lose fans and creates clothes with colorful colors (except for striped printed clothing). Comfort, durability and a modern color palette - that's how you can characterize the line of things of this brand, the leader of the sportswear industry.

Stylish Nike swimwear swimwear
Trendy Nike Sports Swimsuit

Sports swimwear for complete

If you are beautiful plus-size, this does not mean that you will have to constantly wear a black sports swimsuit. You can safely wear clothes decorated with bright prints and patterns. The main thing is not to forget that in your chosen swimsuit there should be special pull-up inserts in the hips and waist. The bodice must go with cups. If you want to hide your belly, give preference to the merged model. Pyshnogrudym ladies stylists advised to choose a bodice on wide straps. Girls with a small bust and full hips should wear a bando .

Sports swimwear for complete
Beautiful sports swimwear for complete