Suede bags - which one to choose and how to care for suede?

At all times, women were attracted to accessories. Especially popular were those that perform not only an aesthetic but also a practical function. This year, designers surprised fashionistas with colors, shapes and decorative design. In new collections suede bags look stylish, fresh and interesting.

Suede Handbags 2017

Offering a wide range of different bags, designers have taken care to take into account the needs of absolutely all women:

In the last collections the creators paid special attention not only to the form, but also to the color. In a fashion there are classical colors, therefore the female beige suede bag or black becomes an excellent addition for the majority of orders. Bright colors and their combinations are actual. Very interesting is this type of accessory, made of several types of material.

One of the trends in recent seasons is the waist bag. This model won the hearts of fashionistas with its practicality and conciseness. It can be performed in a variety of styles and colors. This is not only a convenient accessory for cashiers, but an irreplaceable thing on the world's catwalks. It can be worn with a variety of ensembles. Red suede bag will be a great addition to the evening dress, more soothing colors can be used in everyday life . Although charismatic individuals can safely give preference to bright palettes on weekdays.

Fashion Suede Handbags

The main task of fashion houses this year was the creation of universal models that can be combined with any styles in clothing. For example, so that the clutch fit into the sporting image, and large baulis could be worn with a classic suit. Black suede bag and did receive a green light! It can be taken with you almost without restrictions: at any time of the year and with any outfit.

Suede shoulder bag

Seeking convenience and versatility, women of fashion increasingly choose women's suede bags over their shoulders. They will be an excellent completion of the chosen image and will release hands for urgent matters. Their attractiveness lies in the fact that they are combined with a variety of outfits. It is only necessary to choose the right model:

Suede Shopping Bag

The shopper's appearance, in some way, resembles a package. Such large suede bags are used for daily needs, shopping trips. They are incredibly roomy and often do not have top clasps, which is also convenient for folding there a lot of things. They can be worn in the hands or on the shoulder. It is believed that the larger the bag, the more fashionable the possessor.

Suede bag with fringe

Fringe is not the first season used to decorate not only shoes and clothes, but also accessories. Suede brown bag is often decorated with brushes. In this case, they can be located on pockets, from the outside of the main section, along the fastener or on the handles. The shape and size of the accessory itself can be very diverse. This option is well combined with the style of the Boho .

Suede bag clutch

Small clutches became one of the most popular. And all this is due to their diversity and variability. A small suede bag will transform even the most boring outfit and become a worthy addition to a luxurious ensemble. Its shape gives the woman a special charm and sophistication. It is able to contain the most necessary, while remaining neat and refined.

Suede bag bag

To move away from workdays and strict dress code, we offer you an interesting model - a bag-bag. It really looks like a real bullet in form and size. Instead of zip fasteners use a string with which you can not only close it, but also adjust the volume. Suede beige bag is ideal for summer shopping, although it can become a part of the business image with the correct selection of all the details of the attire.

Suede Backpack Bag

For women of any age and status, be it a film star or a student, an indispensable female suede backpack bag will become indispensable. It is no longer associated with a formless thing, intended for hikes - it is a stylish and convenient accessory that harmoniously fits into a variety of images. Fashion houses to many models attached additional straps, thereby suggesting, if necessary, to transform the bag into a shoulder bag. Therefore, after the end of the day you can easily go for a walk with friends, turning your portfolio into a convenient accessory.

Branded suede bags

A woman who cares about her image and appreciates the quality will always give preference to a branded thing, instead of a cheap fake. A stylish suede bag should be made of good material with impregnations and paints, from which there will be no traces on clothing and body during use. From these factors depends on the appearance of the accessory and its wear resistance.

Suede bags Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a symbol of a luxurious lifestyle. His products are ideal for modern women living in big cities. For fashionistas who value their time, comfort and quality. Suede bags Michael Kors are designed for women who care how they look. Exclusiveness of models and their originality contributed to the fact that the brand became known throughout the world. The design is thought over to trifles and remains relevant for several seasons. Many are willing to spend money only for the uniqueness inherent in branded products.

Hermes handbag

Hermes is a well-known French brand around the world, for the accessories of which women are ready not only to pay a lot of money, but also to serve incredible queues. This is not only a tribute to fashion. The company's products have a number of advantages:

In the latest collections to the traditional design, manufacturers have added a fashionable color. Red, yellow, orange, pink, blue suede bag - this is a far from complete list of possible colors. And even in bright colors the brand remains recognizable due to the dedication of symmetry, characteristic seams and stitches, the presence of metal inserts, locks and miniature legs.

How to care for a suede bag?

Suede is considered extremely fastidious material, and even due to its attractiveness, not many are ready to purchase such a product. But everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Caring for a suede bag involves several key points:

  1. Get a special brush for cleaning. It can be made of rubber, bristles or metal. Its task is to remove dirt and spread the pile.
  2. A special sponge for removing dust is also not a problem. She delicately and without a trace will remove from the surface all small mote.
  3. The worst enemy of suede is water. It is mandatory to use impregnations that protect the product from moisture, give elasticity and restore beauty.

In addition to everyday care, women face problems such as blemishes. They can be of different origins. Ways to remove too many. If you use proven national recipes, then remember the most important thing: categorically it is not recommended to use solvents (acetone, gasoline, etc.) for cleaning . They are capable of destroying the surface. Before using any tools, check the result of their work on the wrong side. In this case, you will definitely be able to avoid serious problems.

Suede bag should not be dried on a radiator or a hairdryer. It is better to leave it to dry at room temperature, otherwise the material will turn into sandpaper without the possibility of restoration. Do not recommend to store such products in plastic bags. This should be done by wrapping the accessory in cotton cloth. It will protect from dust and ensure optimal ventilation. When using purchased impregnations and aerosols for care, read the instructions carefully and follow it.