Than to treat a flu at the child?

Everyone knows that without prescribing a doctor to give medicines to children is undesirable. Especially when it comes to such a serious illness as the flu. Therefore, at the first signs of the disease it is necessary to call a district doctor who will tell you what is being treated for influenza in young children.

How to treat the first signs of flu in children?

The earlier the treatment of influenza infection is started, the more effective the therapy will be. It is advisable to start taking special medications already in the first hours after the manifestation of the disease. In an extreme case, a delay is allowed per day, and if that means, than treating the flu in a child, do not start giving on time, complications are possible.

If you approach the problem with all responsibility, then the flu epidemic has barely begun, the mother should know what to treat the child, and it is desirable that the necessary drugs are at hand if necessary.

Treatment of influenza is divided into medicamentous and non-medicamentous. They complement each other, but with such a serious disease should not be used separately, that is, treatment of influenza only by folk remedies is absolutely unacceptable.

To medicamental treatment includes the use of antiviral drugs, medicines for lowering temperature, expectorant drugs, a drop in the nose. To another group - non-pharmacological, the correct drinking regime, compliance with the temperature norm in the room, humidity, various procedures used in complicating the disease are considered.

Drugs for lowering the temperature

The most basic thing that should be done from the very beginning of the disease is to effectively lower the temperature of the baby. After all, its increase to above 39 ° C is very dangerous, especially in children under three years old. As effective agents Paracetamol is used for children in the form of a suspension or rectal suppositories, Ibuprofen, Panadol, Animaldi candles.

If you do not have such antipyretic drugs at hand, you can use wiping at room temperature. In no case should babies use vodka and vinegar for such a procedure because of the risk of possible poisoning and allergic reaction. These substances can be used with caution only after 5-7 years.

Antiviral drugs

When a child gets sick with the flu, then before you treat it with advertised drugs, it is worth calling a doctor. After all, not all drugs are recommended for children. Some of them are allowed only from a certain age and in the absence of serious concomitant diseases. Of the common drugs for the treatment of influenza, it is possible to allocate the familiar Remantadine to our mothers, an inexpensive and effective tool for the treatment and prevention of influenza and colds. You can use it from the age of seven.

In addition, you can use antiviral tablets Arbidol and Grippferon, Anaferon. The drug Viferon can be used in the form of an ointment in the nasal passages, tablets and suppositories.

All funds related to the so-called "ferrones" are effective only if the treatment is started at the very beginning of the disease. They spur the immune system, forcing it to fight the virus. Those drugs that treat the flu in children under one year are similar to older age, but have their own dosage.

Preparations for cough

Most often, cough with the flu is dry and unproductive. So, the doctor can prescribe drugs that dilute the mucus in the bronchi. These include licorice root syrup, Prospan with ivy extract, ATSTS.

Humidity, temperature, purity

It is very important that in the room where the sick child is, daily wet cleaning took place, and the air temperature did not exceed 19-20 ° C. It is very good, if the house has a humidifier, which must be turned on before the humidity is raised to 65-70%, - so much for a sick kid to improve his well-being.


A very important point of treatment is watering a sick baby with water, warm tea, mors, or any other liquid that the baby will agree to.