The consequences of postpartum depression are still haunted by Alyssa Milano

American tabloids continue to open to their readers the privacy of Hollywood stars and voice the value of their success. This month has become a landmark, ubiquitous articles are published on mental health. Time journalists interviewed Alyssa Milano, the star of the series "Charmed," and asked her to talk about a hard rehabilitation path, treating a mental illness, getting rid of heightened anxiety and postpartum depression.

Alyssa Milano with the children of Milo and Elizabella

According to Milano with psychological problems she faced for the first time in 2009, when she tragically lost her first child:

"Looking at the past, I understand that the first symptoms appeared in 2009. I experienced generalized anxiety in connection with my painful journey to motherhood and postpartum depression. I was able to fix myself only when I found out about a new pregnancy by the son of Milo. "
Actress with her son

The actress admitted that the pregnancy helped her forget about the "heartbreaking" pain and feel the pleasure of motherhood:

"It was an amazing dream, I felt great, there was no morning sickness and ailments. Almost every day I attended yoga for pregnant women, walked a lot in the fresh air and rested. I could not think that I would feel very bad before delivery. "
Alyssa Milano with her husband

10 days before the expected date of delivery, the actress began to have health problems. It was decided to medically cause labor and speed up the process, after 18 hours Milano gave birth to a healthy baby. Alyssa's plans for natural childbirth, without caesarean section and anesthesia, were not realized by the doctors:

"I felt overwhelmed, devastated and guilty before the child. As soon as we returned home, I again began to experience attacks of anxiety and panic. It seemed to me that I made little effort to ensure that the delivery was as safe and comfortable for him as possible. It was a difficult period and it took time to recover, sometimes it seemed to me that I was dying ... "

The shooting started helped to bring the actress to life, but not for long. Rides, increased load, excitement for the child, - Milano again found itself in a dead end. Close people advised to seek help without delay:

"I was at an impasse. At some point, I realized that I can not cope with my condition and I need emergency help. I went to the emergency room and insisted on taking a psychiatrist. For three days I was under surveillance in a psychiatric ward. As soon as the doctor ascertained the normalization of the condition, he persuaded me to return home and gave strength in the fight against malaise. Now I understand that I intuitively acted correctly, turning to specialists, and listened to the advice of relatives. "
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The actress admitted, she is aware of the ambiguity and instability of her condition. The main message of Milano's interview was that people are not afraid to seek help and understand that they are not alone with their problem.