How to cook mackerel in a frying pan?

A tender mackerel can be cooked in various ways, but the most simple and popular was and still is the way of cooking fish in a frying pan. The frying and stewing in the frying pan takes a minimum of time and allows you to control the cooking process directly by observing it. Thanks to this, the fish does not get overdone, or vice versa - raw. How to prepare mackerel in a frying pan read in our article.

How to fry mackerel in a frying pan with fragrant oil?


For oil:


Before frying mackerel in a frying pan, gently butter with a blender until creamy. To the oil, add 2 tablespoons of chopped herbs and a little lemon juice. For such a fragrant oil, you can also take dry herbs, but beforehand they will have to be kneaded with a pestle, in order to start the aroma. We put the finished oil on an oilcloth and turn off the sausage. We put the sausage in the refrigerator and leave it there until it is completely cooled.

We sift the flour and mix it with salt and pepper. We dump the fish fillet in flour, shake off the leftovers. On the side with the pulp, put a piece of butter without additives and fry the fish with the oil side down for about 2-3 minutes, then turn the skin down and prepare another 2-3 minutes.

We serve fillet of mackerel with a slice of lemon and a piece of aromatic butter, laid on top.

Mackerel in a frying pan with creme sauce


Bronton sauce:


Heat the frying pan over medium heat. Pieces of fillet roll in flour, the remains shake. Flesh the fish with a soft butter and spread the oiled side onto a frying pan. How much to fry mackerel in a pan depends on the size of the fish, but usually it takes 4-5 minutes from each side on a small fire.

While the fish is fried, let's make sauce: put yolks, mustard , wine vinegar in the bowl and add the chopped parsley. Thoroughly mix everything until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Ready-to-serve fish is served with a side dish of boiled potatoes and cooked sauce.

How to put out the mackerel in a frying pan?

This dish of Korean cuisine is specially designed for lovers of original taste and unusual cooking methods. For this recipe, we will need kimchi cabbage, which can be bought at any specialized oriental food store, but it is easier to cook it yourself, especially since we already had to disassemble the recipe earlier.



In a bowl, mix 1/4 cup of juice from canned fish with chopped garlic and ginger, as well as chili and soy sauce. In the resulting mixture, add the juice from the kimchi and set aside the mixture.

In a frying pan, we warm the sesame oil and spread the fish along with the chopped onion and kimchi cabbage. Fill the contents of the pan with the previously prepared sauce and water. We bring the liquid to a boil and reduce the fire. Preparation of stewed mackerel in a pan takes 15-20 minutes under the lid, after which the dish can additionally be seasoned with the desired amount of soy sauce. Serve with chopped green onions.