The design of the living room in the house - the best design techniques that will help create an irresistible interior

The design of the living room in the house gives much more scope for experiments than in a city apartment. Here, as a rule, it plays the role of a room for relaxation and communication with guests, so there is no need to scrupulously calculate the functional use of each square meter.

Living room in the house

The large area of ​​the room really gives the right to maximally move away from zoning and space saving. Even considering this fact, many owners of private houses prefer to combine the living room with other rooms for their own convenience. It really can be considered the most used room, so the desire to use this property for your own purposes should not cause bewilderment. Living room in a country house can be combined with:

Kitchen-living room interior in a private house

From the point of view of the winning combination of rooms, the kitchen-living room is an ideal option for those who like to arrange friendly and family gatherings with a meal. The mistress of the house will not have to part with her husband, children or guests for a long time during cooking. The design of the kitchen-living room in the private house opens a lot of possibilities: the room becomes visually wider and lighter, corresponds to the current trends and provides free movement of people through the space of the house. If we take into account the banal rules of practicality, then when designing it is important to take into account such nuances as:

  1. High-quality powerful exhaust. So that the smells of preparing food do not cause inconvenience to those who spend time in the guest area, an extractor should be placed above the plate, suitable for such loads.
  2. Allocation of bar counter. Part of the working surface should be given under it: then the residents of the house can save time at breakfast, and do not have to cover the table for a snack.
  3. The border between the living room and the kitchen should stand out. It is traditionally decorated with columns, arches or beams, dividing the room into segments.

Design of a living-dining room in a private house

If the owners of the house like the idea of ​​installing a dining table in the hall, but do not want or do not want to install the hood, you can design the living room in a country house, combined with the dining room. The zone under it can be identified in a large room, so you do not have to put furniture close to each other. To separate one space from another is easy with the help of the table itself: it will stand on the border. No less simple way to make it noticeable to divide the living room and dining room - decorate them in different color palettes.

Living room in a wooden house

The paneling of natural materials or natural timber gives the room an incredible charm that does not need additional decoration. The design of a living room in a wooden house does not imply any other recommendations for improvement, except for:

  1. To emphasize the beauty of an environmentally friendly interior can only three types of decoration - country, vintage and Old Russian.
  2. Accents on small details should be unobtrusive: if posters and graffiti are forbidden, then the frames and bouquets of dried flowers for this design of the living room in the big house are the most.
  3. Fill the room with comfort and warmth, thanks to the alternation of dark and light wood shades on the ceiling and walls.

Interior of the living room in the house with a fireplace

Even in a house that clearly can not be reproached at a minimum of square meters, I do not want to give the whole room under the fireplace hall. Therefore, the source of open or artificial fire, serving as a basic or additional method of heating, fits well into the design of the reception room. There are special building codes according to which a living room with a fireplace in the house must obey such conditions:

  1. The installation of a source of fire is possible only in a room, the size of which exceeds 20 square meters, in order to prevent the risk of smoke.
  2. The floor under the fireplace is additionally strengthened, because its design has considerable weight.
  3. The design of a small living room in a private house allows only built-in and angular variations of the fireplaces, because the island takes up a large area.

Living room with stairs in a private house

Staircase construction should not be ignored when building a house, so it can and should be integrated into the theme of the reception room. From pluses - a ladder allows to connect floors in a single whole, that gives the chance not to develop separate design for the second tier. The decoration of the living room in a private house has several important tricks:

  1. The color of the staircase should be as close as possible to the basic color scheme.
  2. In the priority - natural shades and materials of natural origin.
  3. The space under the stairs can be used for a mini-bar, TV, bookshelves or a work area.

Decoration of the living room in the house

The key premise in the whole house needs a careful selection of the decoration style, because households and guests will gather there to spend time together. Interior design of the living room in the house is often framed in such directions as:

The design of the living room of a private house in the style of minimalism

This direction will be appreciated by fans of laconicism and interiors without frills. There are simply no extra decor elements in it, so they should not be carefully selected. Living room in a private house in the style of minimalism can be framed as follows:

  1. Only beige, ashy, brown and beige shades are allowed. The walls and ceiling are made in two similar colors.
  2. Accessories, on the contrary, should be contrast. Cushions, tablecloths, small lamps can be red, blue or green, but without fanaticism in their combination.
  3. The design of the living room in the house should be proportional: if the same elements (for example, lamps) are used, they should not be of different sizes.
  4. In the room there should always be a strict order, so trivia like a remote from the TV should be stored in boxes or drawers of the nightstand.

Living room in loft style in the house

Unconventionality and exquisite simplicity - that's what a loft like. It is a mistake to think that this direction is aimed at creating a prototype of industrial decor, as if it were one of the factory rooms. The design of the living room in the style of the loft in the house is rather a combination of the new with the old. Its distinctive features:

  1. Unusual decorative elements: road signs, posters, plastic installations.
  2. Absence of perfectly smooth surfaces on walls and ceiling.
  3. Neighborhood of classical interior with high-tech decoration.
  4. The immensity and spaciousness of the living room, achieved with the help of multifunctional furniture.

Living room in neoclassic style in a country house

This stylistic solution is a classic decor, adapted to the current trends. Only a large living room in the house can be equipped in this style, because all its elements require considerable space. High ceilings, impressive window openings, a wide corner sofa are the main features that make it possible to distinguish neoclassicism from other directions. It requires:

  1. Use of cliched architectural techniques - columns, niches in walls, cornices with stucco molding.
  2. The presence of forged jewelry, as well as stone and natural wood.
  3. Presence of carpets with thick and high pile: the design of the living room in the house can be varied with Persian or other eclectic floor coverings.
  4. Restrained calm color. Suitable beige, light yellow, coffee, lavender and white base for wallpaper and ceiling.

Living room in a house in a classic style

The basis of strict elegant design of classical decor laid straight lines and perfect, but not lurid patterns. Decorating the living room in a private house is not cheap, because the high cost of materials is a sign of this direction. It is emphasized with the help of valuable wood, quality textiles, natural marble and antiques in the form of interior accessories. Other aspects of classic decor include:

  1. Symmetrical arrangement of furniture. If in a drawing room establish two armchairs or two identical fixtures they should be on one line.
  2. Masking of color transitions with the help of moldings and special curbs.
  3. The design of the living room in the house of the classical style allows the use of details of unusual shapes - for example, large armrests or the facade of a cabinet with a clipping.
  4. Decorating the walls with mirrors and paintings.

Living room in Provence style in a private house

Named after the province of the same name in France, the decor is based on three main principles - naturalness, simplicity and ease. The interior will differ in color saturation, but only not bright, but muffled. Pale colors prevail - shades of sea waves, wood, lavender, olives. Living room in a country house in the style of Provence is characterized by such signs from other design directions:

  1. Painting surfaces of walls and furniture with translucent liquid paints, under which the structure of wood or "shebbie chic" comes through - artificially aged and worn out paint.
  2. Lighting in the form of forged chandeliers with shades of calm shades and unobtrusive patterns.
  3. Flooring of stone or laminate with imitation of precious wood species. Parquet will be no less appropriate, but you need to prepare for the fact that it costs more.

Living room in a wooden house in the style of country

The style of the country is characterized by warmth and comfort, so it is similar in many respects to the provencal fellow. Simplicity with a touch of romanticism should replace the pretentiousness and crazy combinations of colors. A cozy living room in a country house can be accented with the following details:

  1. Soft muted lighting. For example, beige lamps or sconces in the form of deer antlers.
  2. Presence of a fireplace. The source of the living fire is a worthy decoration of the village design.
  3. Checkered or floral patterns in textiles used for curtains, upholstery of a sofa and rugs.
  4. Use fresh cut or potted flowers in the decor of the windowsills and the space above the fireplace.

Living room in a modern style in a country house

Modern design is a blending of several directions: high-tech, modern, retro and pop art. Its undoubted merit can be considered that even a beginner can not make fatal mistakes in the selection of interior details. A beautiful living room in the house can turn out if you simply observe the dosage and harmony. The room should not be overloaded with furniture, in addition, sofas and armchairs should have a one-color color scheme. When choosing shades for walls and ceiling, you can combine light and dark colors to visually expand the space of the room even more.