Transport of Slovenia

Tourists who decide to travel through the territory of Slovenia can use several modes of transport. There is a well-developed bus and railway connection between cities, these types of transport can be reached almost everywhere in the country.

Bus routes in Slovenia

The bus is considered the most budgetary mode of transport in Slovenia. There is a special system of payment in the country:

The main bus routes have an extended work schedule: they operate from 3:00 to 00:00. All other buses run from 5:00 to 22:30. This type of transport runs regularly and smoothly. However, if you plan a trip between cities on the weekend, then tickets are recommended to be purchased in advance.

There are certain settlements that can be reached only by bus. These include Bled , Bohinj, Idrija .

Railway transport of Slovenia

In Slovenia, the railway network is very well developed, its length is about 1.2 thousand km. The central station is located in Ljubljana, from there trains depart to most of the settlements.

Between Maribor and Ljubljana, Express InterCity Slovenia runs, which is recognized as the best in the country, it is sent 5 times a day, the journey time is 1 hour 45 minutes, and the fare is 12 euros in the second class, 19 euros in the first class. At the weekend, the ticket can be purchased at a 30 percent discount.

In the country there is a special Euro-Domino system, which it is advisable to use if it is planned to travel by train several times in succession. It consists in the fact that you can buy unlimited trips for 3 days worth 47 euros.

You can buy tickets at the ticket offices, in the offices of travel agencies and directly in trains, but somewhat more expensive.

Car Hire and Hitchhiking

In Slovenia, you can rent a car or hitchhike, this mode of transportation is very common. It is worth considering that in this country the right-hand traffic operates, that is, the steering wheel in the car is located on the left.

You can travel by car with two motorways, they are located perpendicular to each other and from them runs a network of auxiliary roads:

To rent a car, you need to meet certain requirements and comply with certain conditions:

Other modes of transport

In Slovenia, there are three airports : Ljubljana , Maribor and Portoroz . All of them belong to the category of international, domestic transport does not. The water transport of Slovenia is almost not developed, only the movement along the Danuva River is possible.