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Magic Slovenia presents to its guests a real paradise on Earth, with snow-capped mountain peaks, turquoise-green rivers and a winding coastline in Venetian style. This country attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of tourists annually not only with its natural treasures, but also with harmonious architecture, charming countryside culture and, of course, exquisite cuisine . Going on a trip on such a wonderful land, it is worthwhile to think in advance where to stay, because to enjoy its beauty, one day is clearly not enough. We bring to your attention a list of the best hotels in Slovenia for a different taste and wallet.

Hotels of Slovenia 5 *

Hotels presented in this category are very popular with tourists who prefer to rest on an all-inclusive basis. Attractive appearance, luxurious interior, decorated in a modern style, as well as first-class service are distinctive features of such establishments. Guests are provided with guarded private parking, free internet access, a restaurant (usually breakfast included in the room rate), a swimming pool, a beauty salon and a gym. In addition, in some apartments pets are allowed (contact the hotel manager in advance when booking). We present the best 5-star hotels with which Slovenia is so rich:

Hotels of Slovenia 4 *

Hotels of this class, by and large, differ from the 5-star only the lower price and the less wide range of services. So, many 4 * hotels have parking, free access to Wi-Fi, their own fitness center and a restaurant / bar on site, but a spa with a massage room will be quite problematic. If you do not need additional services of a cosmetologist and hairdresser, pay attention to the following establishments:

Hotels of Slovenia 3 *

In fact, there is practically no "3-star" hotel in the usual sense in Slovenia. All establishments of this category are small, but no less comfortable apartments, guesthouses and guest houses. The list of amenities includes a private bathroom and a small kitchen, the possibility of living with a pet, satellite TV and free internet access. There are also family-type rooms, fully equipped with all necessary accessories and ideally suited to accommodate a large company. Some of the best 3 * hotels, according to guest reviews, are:


Slovenia, like many other European powers, is an excellent confirmation that recreation can be low-cost, because the main thing in traveling is not the number of bathrooms in the apartment. In this wonderful country there are many cozy inexpensive hotels and hostels specially designed for unpretentious youth and tourists with a limited budget. In such places, contrary to the generally accepted error, it is always clean and comfortable, moreover it is in hostels that foreign students from different parts of the world usually stop, with whom one can practice knowledge of English, German and other languages. The conditions are almost the same everywhere: there is Wi-Fi, cable TV in the hall, a bathroom for several blocks and a common kitchen. The cost of the room depends directly on the number of places in it (there are 2, 3 or even 8-bed rooms). The best budget hotels in Slovenia are:

Spa hotels in Slovenia

Many travelers, planning a trip, aspire not only to visit the best sights of the unknown country, but also to improve their organism a little. In this case, you need to pay attention to the thermal hotels, which in Slovenia abound. The list of their amenities, in addition to the standard, also includes a pool with mineral springs, saunas, massage rooms, medical centers, a solarium, a gym, etc. The best, according to tourists' reviews, are:

Hotels on the coast of Slovenia

Despite the fact that Slovenia can hardly be called the best place in Europe for spa holidays, many tourists, when they go here, still want to bask in the delicate rays of a bright sun. From the school lessons of geography we remember that this amazing country in the west has access to the Adriatic Sea, in addition, there are many beautiful rivers and lakes on its territory. Thus, among the most popular hotels on the coast of Slovenia are: