Which is better - a skateboard or a penny board?

It is worth noting that the principle of movement on a skateboard and a penny board is no different. The structure and construction of aggregates are also similar, but there are significant differences in the characteristics of the materials involved.

It can not be said at once that it is better to skateboard or penny a board without considering what each of the above means of travel represents.

Differences between a skateboard and a penny board

The skateboard deck is made of wood up to 70 cm long. From the top it is covered with a tenacious covering. The suspension is made of aluminum alloy, and the wheels are made of polyurethane. It is in this form that we are all used to seeing a classic skateboard.

The main noticeable difference between a penny board from a skateboard, most often, is that the deck is shorter. If you take two boards in your hand, then a penny board will be easier. The deck is made of strong polycarbonate, which, in turn, allows you to perform even the most difficult tricks on this board, not being afraid for the fact that it simply breaks. Also striking is that the wheels of a penny board have a larger size (60 mm) than a skateboard (35 mm).

What to choose?

What is the difference between a penny board and a skateboard shown above, and it's clear that a penny board is more suitable for different tricks. This is achieved through an enhanced deck and a larger wheel size.

Therefore, if you need to choose something for a beginner of this sport , then you can choose your skateboard, and if you want to continue your experiments, then, no doubt, choose a penny board. With fear, you can choose the last option, since it is considered more universal, and is suitable for both children and professionals.