Women's jeans boyfriends - the most fashionable models for girls

This popular now item of wardrobe causes heated controversy among fashionistas. Some believe that they disfigure the female figure. Others admit that if the jeans of the boyfriend for the full pick up is difficult, then slender ladies can easily make an elegant ensemble with them.

Why are jeans called boyfriends?

These trousers have such a specific name, because they look as if the girl had just removed them from her boyfriend. Jeans in the style of the boyfriend sit freely, the groin area and waist are understated. They often have scrapes, slits. They reach the ankles, turn around, and at the same time look at least a size larger than the girl needs.

Literally from English, the title is translated as "friend's jeans", but the meaning of this phrase is slightly different. It implies a young man with whom the girl is associated with a romantic relationship. No original fittings and decor such pants do not adorn, they are extremely simple. And casual clothes are preferred by young girls. So, is it possible to make fashionable bows with jeans boyfriends? This is real, if you follow the principles of combining things and take into account the individual characteristics of the fashionista.

Jeans boyfriends - who go?

It's logical to choose things, given the type of figure and the characteristics of the product. Not all items of the wardrobe are universal. Who are the jeans boyfriends? They are simply necessary for thin, high-growth girls with narrow hips. Free cut provides extra volume in the right places. Mods of small height should choose long trousers, which do not visually shorten the figure.

Full ladies should also look at jeans straight cut. Strongly rolled lower edges can give a solidity to the silhouette, so do not over-fold them excessively. As for color, it is better to prefer products of dark shades, blue or black. Light boyfriends are unprofitable to emphasize excess volumes. Short girls with full thighs and at all it is necessary to refuse from acquisition of such thing.

Jeans boyfriend for women

This is a very popular thing, not only on fashion shows, but also just on city streets. We can say that in the latter case they are even more appropriate. But it's not only casual clothes, fashionable jeans boyfriends ladies dress in cafes, on walks, to meet friends. They allow the girls to undertake various fashion experiments, to use trousers in the most unexpected ensembles.

Things from men's wardrobe ladies borrowed constantly. Why? It is convenient, practical, this style is simple and elegant. Original jeans boyfriends suggest the presence of a low waist, which is exceptionally comfortable, because such things do not restrict, do not hamper the movement. But to make an onion elegant, you need to combine them correctly in one ensemble.

Jeans boyfriends with high waist

Classics is another option, as already mentioned, with a low landing. But jeans boyfriends with an overstated waist is also not uncommon, because such models allow you to wear a similar product and girls with a "weighty" bottom. Why women of fashion need to pay close attention to them? A high landing conceals the volumes and looks more reserved, neat.

Jeans boyfriends with low landing

Who will use such models? Jeans boyfriends with a low waist will accentuate the thin waist of slender tall ladies. The choice of the option may be due to the desire to demonstrate a tight belly , combining trousers with a short T-shirt, top. Owners of magnificent forms of such ensembles should be avoided, or prefer models that are strictly in shape, not too close, but not too spacious.

Jeans boyfriends with embroidery

Decor is rarely used on boyfriends, but some ladies always try to decorate almost any product. Jeans boyfriends with drawings - this is a new trend in fashion, while they are relevant. Whether such options will be in demand in the future, time will tell. What images are used? The most diverse: ornaments, patterns, designers reproduce the characters of folklore, mass culture.

Fashion designers can try to make embroidery on their own - this is a good reason to do creativity. Complex options are best not to choose, but if the drawing is used, then it should be bright and colorful. Children's attempts at self-expression with their imperfections modern fashion is only welcomed, you can try to create a stylization for the schoolgirl's drawing.

Ragged jeans boyfriends

Cuts and even large ragged "wounds" on trousers have become fashionable for a long time. Ragged women's jeans boyfriends - it's more like a classic. But the models without cuts are harder to find. What should be ripped jeans to be considered stylish? Modern fashion allows the presence of cuts along the entire length, except for some zones and in a moderate amount - the product should not be vulgar. Mostly they are kneeling, along the thigh line.

Cuts are used to demonstrate both the romantic and hooligan character of the possessor. And obviously not in order to emphasize the solid age of the product. Is not there a contradiction here, after all, boyfriends are a rough man's thing, you could choose a tight dress for these purposes. The fact is that contrast and understatement sometimes look more elegant than an explicit emphasis on femininity.

Jeans boyfriends for fat girls

Free cut makes this garment volume, and such things stylists do not recommend wearing ladies with forms. Therefore, women's jeans boyfriends for the full need to choose carefully. Girls of small height, such pants may not be suitable at all, they visually significantly reduce the growth. We must immediately exclude models that create extra volume on the hips.

It is better to choose options with an overpriced or normal landing. Overly understated waistline will emphasize the abdomen, and some other shortcomings of the figure. High girls prefer shorter models, and not for nothing - they emphasize the graceful ankles. Dark, rich colors will make the silhouette slim. It is better to abandon embroidery, a lot of cuts - massive decor makes the image heavier.

With what to wear jeans boyfriends?

It is important to choose not only a suitable top and accessories that emphasize femininity. Always urgent is the question, with what footwear to wear jeans boyfriends? Shoes or ankle boots are ideal, they will help create a romantic image. For lovers of sports style, they will use sneakers, snickers and moccasins. You can add them with a sweatshirt, T-shirt, T-shirt - and hooligan bow is ready.

If the cut of the product is free, it is worth choosing a fitted turtleneck, a sweater for the top. In summer, the owner of an ideal figure can demonstrate a beautiful press, choosing a short open top. Combine with such trousers in one ensemble, spacious shirts, cardigans, but it depends on their model. Jacket is best to choose a length slightly below the hips.

With what to wear women's jeans boyfriends in the winter?

This question can confound some mods. Jeans boyfriends in winter are good neighbors with a warm, cozy sweater, without which in the cold time can not do. You can choose both fitted models, and the option oversize - this is the latest trend of fashion. In moderately warm weather suitable for the ensemble free classic coats, emphasizing the femininity of their possessor.

It is important to understand what kind of shoes can be bundled with such free pants. High narrow boots are definitely not suitable. Keds and sneakers in winter, you do not want to wear it all, so the best option is ankle boots or heavy-soled shoes in military style, to which you must choose the right clothes: jacket or down jacket.

With what to wear jeans boyfriends in the fall?

In the offseason are topical coats, raincoats, and practical shoes. Images with jeans boyfriend is easy to imagine in this way. After all, this wardrobe is used to create brutal images. But romantic boats will be able to make the owner of the lady's boyfriends, if you supplement the image with a flowing or bulky scarf, other interesting accessories.

With what to wear jeans boyfriends in the summer?

Hot season is suitable for such pants just perfect. Bows with jeans boyfriend summer formed easily and simply. Shirts or tops, spacious tunics, cardigans for a cool evening - a list of suitable things to create an elegant image can continue indefinitely. It is necessary to take into account the features of the figure and choose your model of a fashionable garment.

If there are problems with the formation of refined onions, you can see the bows of celebrities and take into account their experience. These pants are currently very popular with the stars. Hairpins or ballet shoes , a complete lack of accessories or massive jewelry - it's up to the fashionista herself. In any case, universal basic things, such as jeans boyfriends, should be in the wardrobe.